222nd South Aspermont "Old Guard" Regiment
Regimental Colours of the South Aspermont Regiment
Regimental Colours of the South Aspermont Regiment
Regiment Information
Active 2012-2016
Allegiance UTC
Nickname(s) The Old Guard

Le Bataillon de Douchebags

Banjo Company

Motto "Over the Hills, and Far Away!"
Regimental March Quick – Men of Harlech

Slow – Der Hohenfriedberger

Anniversaries June Reforms(June 8)

Gray December(December 30)
Banjo Week(September 11-19)

Engagements UTC-TLB Conflict

Castle Cole Expedition
Golden Shotbow
Southern War 2013
Cacti Fort Event
Anvalia Expedition US10 Roleplay War
Sahlgutmir's March
Portsmouth 2015
Icaruis War
Paluster 2016
Spookyfest 2016
Alt War

Captain of the Regiment Captain Irishkaiser
First Lieutenant Saint Vergath
Major Avver

The 222nd South Aspermont "Old Guard" Regiment or The Old Guard or known simply as 222nd is an administrative regiment of the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company. Was the oldest regiment in continuous service and as such; the most senior and prestigious regiment in the UTC's Order of Precedence. It can trace its lineage to all the way back to Banjo Company in 2012 when Major Killahamsta founded the group.

The Old Guard Regiment, because of its age, has accumulated many awards that are now emblazoned on its Regimental Colours. It has been a part of every conflict and event the UTC has taken part in since its inception in September 2012 and formalization in June 2013.

History[edit | edit source]

The 222nd Old Guard can trace their lineage back to Banjo Company of early 2012, when killahamsta and kyleddude007 founded the group to play MineZ. In the first week of September, it consisted of six members and then doubled their numbers to 12 by November's end. Banjo Company, as a term, began to be interchanged between UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company and 222nd, but Banjo Company only included the 6 original members of the UTC as none were designated Banjo Company afterwards. They performed better than other Company members in the UTC-TLB Conflict, and provided most of the gear for all company members during and after trade runs. They were also overwhelmingly the majority of the Asian-dominated Pacific Team. After the June Reforms,they were saved from being disbanded and were remodeled into the "222nd South Aspermont Regiment" with Irishkaiser as its first Captain and Major VerGath, the first Regimental Lieutenant.

Deployed immediately and right away after its formalization, the regiment was initially undermanned but well-disciplined and trained in comparison to other sections of the Company. Their successful first trade run immediately after they were raised impressed the Directory and provided the perfect alternative to suit the Company's situation, instead of following the PvP trend of the era, which was the mass outnumbering used by the Al Hasa clans.[1]

Its service stemmed more than conducting trade runs and satisfying PvP security; during the Eastern Expeditions of Castle Cole and Anvalia, the 222nd provided overwhelming logistical and tactical support as well as an alt for the garrisons stationed there. It donated men to fight in the Golden Shotbow Event as well as giving both men and material support during the Cacti Fort Event in Bazel. Their finest hour(s) came during the Southern War of 2013; more than half of their battle honours that are emblazoned on their Colours are in large part due to the Southern War of 2013, where they earned a reputation as the most disciplined and tactically sophisticated, cohesive unit in MineZ; able to withstand countless premium charges and maintain group cohesion while inflicting more than equal losses on their premium attackers.[2]

The Old Guard's popular public image: the British redcoat.

The unit was sent to play on Skimboard's Team in the US10 Roleplay War - a roleplay fighting project thought of by Irishkaiser as a way to civilize and give dignity to PvP fights. In there, the 222nd realized the dire situation of their lack of numbers when it comes to fighting and subsequently after the events began to recruit and train vigorously - their efforts resulted in the creation of the Drill Server for the Company as a place to practice their PvP skills and teamwork. The regiment also began overseeing training of the other regiments and began to be seen as an "officer corps" of the Company.Their labor bore fruit during Sahlgutmir's March where four regiments, including the Old Guard, performed valiantly in the face of the enemy and all participating regiments earned a Battle Honour on the 1st of March 2015.[3]

The Regiment assisted and at times fought in the Defense of Frostbain, providing equipment, materials and men in the campaign. It was also the Old Guard that led all four Company regiments to victory during Portsmouth 2015.

Vergath, Grenadier of the Old Guard by Irishkaiser.

The South Aspermont Regiment's membership at the start of 2016 began to stagnate as recruitment guidelines became increasingly stringent, it was also because the new recruits were generally more interested in Dungeons and PvP. Nevertheless, it was Old Guard that were usually called in to train and educate the new members. At the end of the UTC's Golden Age, the South Aspermont Regiment were part of the Annexation of the Northern Midlands campaign and brought the Company on the doorsteps of the Premium-controlled Gravelands. The Company at this time began raiding premiums during Suicide Saturday. Members of the South Aspermont Regiment were part of the ill-fated Al Hasa Disaster that sent shockwaves across the Company's ranks. The debacle however acquired much needed intelligence and experience, leading the Company to deduce that it was their equipment that was lacking.

As the Regiment was leading the Company in re-arming and training itself to invade Al Hasa, its attention was suddenly diverted by multiple conflicts that came to be known as the Icaruis War. The premiums were defeated eventually and new skills and insight were gained from the conflict that were to be used in their planned invasion of the East. However, the South Aspermont Regiment never came to realize their invasion plans as premium aggression and uprisings in the Northern Midlands kept distracting their attention and much-needed resources. In one of these fights, the South Aspermont regiment earned the battle honour Paluster 2016 for their defense of Imperial Citizens in Rainytown.

The regiment later took part in the Spookyfest Campaign providing extensive logistical and administrative support with one of their own(Irishkaiser) leading the Army of the Recovery and winning the Battle Honours Tahosa and Gnome Archipelago.

The South Aspermont Regiment's last action before its eventual amalgamation was the Alt War, where it coordinated the efforts and conducted multiple covert operations that tipped the balance in favor of the UTC against their enemies. On the 28th of November, 2016, the Old Guard regiment was amalgamated with the 95th East Yawpton Regiment to become the 1st Regiment, Old Guard.

The regiment was known to operate across all of the UTC's territories, detaching men, material and missions to each other and other Company members.

Role[edit | edit source]

The Old Guard provides leadership, logistics and administration across the entire UTC. Though it is the responsibility of regiments to provide training for their own members, the Old Guard has no problem training non-members when needed. Their seniority and reputation has given them an "elite" status among the regiments of the Company. They have a long-standing connection to the 95th East Yawpton Regiment.

Old recruiting banner for the South Aspermont Regiment.

Aside from being a model regiment, the Old Guard is a living cultural institution of the UTC - embodying its traditions, values and history through its virtues, artworks, poetry and the documentations such as utcwikia.

Traditions[edit | edit source]

The roman numerals "XI" are held dearly to Regiment members as it signifies the Old Guard's origins: US11. Their traditional colors are red and gold for ceremonial purposes but their field dress; the UD-12, uses urban drab for operating within woodland and urban environments. Blunt honesty which results in political incorrectness is encouraged in the regiment, but discourages lack of class when rambling on about them. Regiment members and superiors freely criticize among each other as the regiment believes its survival and flexibility depend on relying on facts and accurate intelligence to make important decisions. The regimental motto is: Over the Hills, and Far Away! taken from a popular English folk tune that speaks of the constantly deployed soldier. Their slow march is Der Hohenfriedberger and their Quick March is Men of Harlech. The Regiment's Thorned Crowns are Rose Red.

Regimental Captains[edit | edit source]

Battle Honours[edit | edit source]

The 222nd South Aspermont have more than 15 Battle Honours, but many of them have been amalgamated into the Southern War 2013 Battle Honour for simplification. Some, however, stood out and were not amalgamated.

  • UTC-TLB Conflict 2012, Castle Cole Expedition 2012, Anvalia Expedition 2012.
  • Southern War 2013, Golden Shotbow 2013, Romero "Le Boudin" 2013, Bazel "Cacti Fort" 2013
  • US10 Roleplay War 2014, Geuten 2014.
  • Sahlgutmir's March 2015
  • Portsmouth 2015
  • Icaruis War
  • Paluster 2016
  • Gnome Archipelago 2016
  • Tahosa 2016

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