95th East Yawpton Regiment
Colours of the 95th East Yawpton Regiment
Colours of the 95th East Yawpton Regiment
Regiment Information
Active 2013-2016
Allegiance UTC
Nickname(s) The Greenjackets
The Silent Service
Motto "I'm Ninety-Five!"
Regimental March Quick – I'm Ninety-Five
Anniversaries Fartday(September 11)
Engagements Golden Shotbow

Southern War 2013
Cacti Fort Event
Geuten 2014
Sahlgutmir's March
Portsmouth 2015
Defense of Frostbain
Icaruis War
Paluster 2016

Captain of the Regiment boogaert
First Lieutenant N/A

"I'm Ninety-Five!"

―Regimental Motto

The 95th East Yawpton Regiment or known simply as 95th is the primary material gathering Regiment of the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company. It is one of the oldest regiments in the UTC. Formed immediately after the June Reforms, the Regiment has seen action from the Southern War of 2013 to Sahlgutmir's March 2015.

Known primarily for their industrious attitude, the 95th has provided over 60% of the materials the Company has acquired, and at one point: 100% of all the equipment sold and equipped for by the Company. The Regiment has also been known as a place for members that were inadequate for all the other regiments but have found a place to prove themselves and be useful in the East Yawpton Regiment.

History[edit | edit source]

Formed immediately after the June Reforms to be modeled after the 222nd and loosely based on the real 95th Rifle Regiment, the regiment was placed under the command of Company member fartabstract. The unit primarily played a support role to the 222nd and provided most of the material and inner logistics used by the Company in selling items South. The regiment became infamous for constantly filling the Company's stores and at one point, was ordered to stop producing chain and iron swords for overstocking the Company's alts but the orders were defiantly ignored and forced the Company to dump the extra chain sets to cope with their productivity, to which the whole of the 95th smirked.

An artist's depiction of the ceremonial dress of the 95th.

The regiment distinguished itself in the Southern War 2013 for multiple acts of valor and at one point defended a member of the 222nd(Irishkaiser) from multiple premium attackers and helped inspire the Directory to pioneer light infantry tactics; becoming the forerunners of the Scouts. The regiment participated in the Cacti Fort event in Bazel, as well as helping to provide cacti to the participants. It also sent members to fight in the Golden Shotbow event.

Upon the leaving of fartabstract in late 2013, the regiment began to dither and other members such as ThaAwesomeGuy left as well. The unit was placed in suspended animation as the Directory refused to disband the only other "US11" regiment in the UTC. The responsibility of gathering materials to sell began to fall upon the shoulders of the other regiments such as the 29th Whitehaven and the 222nd South Aspermont. The regiment experienced a revival and was taken out of suspended animation in 2014 with the installment of Camisadoluvr as Regiment Captain and two other players who filled its ranks. They began to not only gather chain sets, but Thorned Crowns, Diamond Swords, Grey Bows and Infinity Bows were added to their inventory of items.

However, hard pushing from Irishkaiser and a breakdown between him and Camisadoluvr resulted in the expulsion and leaving of Camisadoluvr, passing the captaincy to guy762 - the first male member and first male leader of what has traditionally been an all-female regiment.

Its participation in Sahlgutmir's March 2015 gave the unit a Battle Honour. The regiment under guy762 gained a reputation of being the quiet, under-appreciated support group of the Company that few started to call them "the Silent Service".

Guy762 was kicked from the company in October 2015 for "repeated incompetence, failures, poor decision making and overall laziness."[1] Minecraftepic47 became regimental captain. He kicked many inactive members, and began to attempt to improve the 95th. Just two weeks later, improvements were seen by Irishkaiser, who wrote about the 95th "renaissance" in The Empire.[2] New members Shadow5138 and Jubbah have both proven themselvs of industrious nature, with Shadow even earning an honour for the sheer amount of merchandise he gathered. Newer members boogaert and boonut also helped as Jubbah became less active. With the appointment of Ominous as a regimental captain the regiment once again became the main source of production for the UTC, gathering both chain sets, iron swords, and also gear dropped by giants.

After Ominous went inactive, the 95th was temporarily passed on to Lieutenant_Joe. The regiment by then became defunct and was planned to be amalgamated to the 222nd South Aspermont Regiment to become the 1st "Old Guard" Regiment.

Role[edit | edit source]

Being the primary material gathering regiment, the regiment's proud skill is the ability of manufacturing multiple full durability chain sets, iron swords and other materials deemed as merchandise in the South. The regiment at first, was the traditional source of Light Infantry in the UTC's early pioneering of the Scout, but other regiments began to adopt and deploy their own scouts, relieving them of their monopoly on the duty. They have a long-standing connection with the South Aspermont Regiment.

The regiment was also primarily responsible for gathering Thorned Crowns and Infinity Bows, but as of late this duty has been taken over by the 93rd.

Traditions[edit | edit source]

Recruit gusblack1 proudly showing off the regiment's crown

The roman numerals "XI", as emblazoned on their Regimental Colours, is held dear by the East Yawpton as it represents their original homeserver; US11. The regiment's traditional colors are green and gold, originally chosen by fartabstract because she "loves green" which helped solidify their nickname as "the Greenjackets", their field dress, the JPAT10 or Jungle-Pattern, is many shades of green, which serves them well in woodland or jungle operations. The unit has also traditionally served as a placement for female Company members, originally as a ploy by the Directory to remove the problems of "girl gamers" from tainting the other regiments, it became a source of esprit de corps by its members. Regiment members are known to almost never boast and they mutter few, if any complaints. This has given them the reputation of being called the "Silent Service" for their quiet and unnoticed demeanor. Their Thorned Crowns are Olive Green (Lime + 2 cocoa).

Regimental Captains[edit | edit source]

  • Regiment Captain fartabstract, 2012-2013
  • Regiment Captain Camisadoluvr, 2014-2015
  • Regiment Captain guy762, 2015-2015
  • Regiment Captain Minecraftepic47, 2015-2016
  • Regimental Captain boogaert, 2016-2016
  • Regimental Captain Ominous 2016-2016.
  • Regimental Captain Lieutenant_Joe 2016-2016

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