The Army of the Northern Midlands was the name of an UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company army group that officially existed(in name at least) from 11th-26th May, 2016 and then reformed again during the Icaruis War on 12th July, 2016, where it was once again disbanded by the war's end on the 7th of August that same year. The army was formed by combining members of all regiments in the UTC that were deployed in the Northern Midlands region, particularly Frostbain, Rainytown and Clarce. While commanders of the army changed during its different incarnations, the chief architect of the army was always Irishkaiser. The Army of the Northern Midlands' mission varied from either invading or defending the Midlands, but it always involved occupying the area and was primarily responsible for maintaining Company presence in the region.

Because its operations were successful, the army has been disbanded and its personnel are sent back to their own mother regiments. The army can be reformed should another group threaten Company interests in the Frostbain region.

History[edit | edit source]

The history of the Company maintaining a specialist PvP group to combat their enemies can be traced to the Defense of Frostbain 2015, through the Call for Volunteers on the 27th of December, 2015[1]. At this time, it wasn't called the Army of the Northern Midlands, but the UTC Volunteers. This newly formed autonomous group with a temporary purpose was a new experience for the UTC and nominal authority was at first confused as demonstrated by boogaert's pursuit of a separate peace against TheKillerLemon's group during the Defense of Frostbain, while authority was only delegated to Minecraftepic47 or the Directory. The UTC Volunteers eventually triumphed and disbanded, with the Company Members who made up her army having returned to her core territories and original duties, leaving Frostbain.

Sometime in May, Company Members were issued a discrete order to concentrate near Frostbain, Rainytown and or Clarce.[2] In the event known as the Occupation of Frostbain members eventually became the Army of the Northern Midlands and achieved not only their political and military objectives, but raided Al Hasa and the Gravelands frequently, having scored a Battle Honour known as Knoxmoor 2016, defeating multiple premiums while being slightly outnumbered.[3] Members of the Army of the Northern Midlands were also present during the Al Hasa Disaster as well.

The Directory planned to use the experience during the Al Hasa disaster to train, perform reconnaissance and properly equip their men before making another raid or incursion, with the Army of the Northern Midlands being the core of this invasion force. The Directory's plans were shelved when a group called the West Bandit Clan and some other clans such as the Chain Helmet Gang and even rogue "healers" from Dawn Brigade attacked Company territories during the Icaruis War. The Army of the Northern Midlands fought the war and gained experience, modifying its tactics further. Eventually, the Company won the conflict and disbanded the army due to priority of garrison duties. Many veterans of the Army of the Northern Midlands form up the local militia of the Midlands part of the Company Territories.

Commanders[edit | edit source]

  • Minecraftepic47, 2015-2015
  • Irishkaiser and Boonut(concurrent), 2015-2016
  • ObliviousBob, 2016-2016.

reference[edit | edit source]

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