The Army of the Recovery is the name of the army group deployed by the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company to acquire all US Sunday Spookyfest Pumpkins throughout October 2016. The Army of the Recovery was the largest and most modern force the UTC has ever assembled, with a total of about 20 servicemen who served in the Army as frontline fighters, support and logistics officers.

The Army was successful in the Spookyfest Campaign, having won three out of the five Sunday Pumpkin Battles, with only one decisively lost to an unknown player before the Army could arrive to fight for it and another burnt in the lava during a fight. This gave the UTC about 80% of the total Sunday Pumpkins.

 History[edit | edit source]

The Army of the Recovery was seen by the Directory as an opportunity to apply the lessons and tactics learned from the previous wars and the modernization program initiated after the Al Hasa Disaster. The Directory used this opportunity to assemble and put into effect new ideas on organization and how to wage war, particularly the large scale use of Squads, Companies and Corps, all under a General Staff.

The Army first fought in Yawpton on the first week of October and performed exceptionally well, suffering no iron casualties. The battle of Yawpton was the first time the Company deployed the Engineer and Supply Train role where a large line of Cobwebs and reserve grenades, flashes, splashes, sugar and arrows created a defensive line against incoming zombies and enemies. Following the Battle of Yawpton, a need for full-time volunteers arose and Irishkaiser initiated a call for volunteers to maintain the Army's numbers[1].

The Army of the Recovery next fought in Overgrown Tomb, where it suffered heavy losses, but successfully acquired the Sunday Pumpkin. With only about 5 survivors at the end of the battle for Overgrown Tomb, the Army suffered a horrendous 60% casualty rate.[2]

The third pumpkin battle in Barathrum Caverns was where the Army only suffered light casualties but failed to secure the Pumpkin and was even reported to have caused it to be destroyed by shooting the zombie ended with high morale as the effective Engineer and Supply Trains kept the members constantly battle-ready.[3]

The Army of the Recovery was then given an Imperial Guard squad section to be under the direct command of Field Marshal Irishkaiser and its component companies were given names as Abel and Banjo.[4] The Army later engaged multiple premiums during the Battle of Gnome Archipelago and won a Battle Honour for their actions, though they strategically failed to capture the pumpkin during the fighting as it was taken by an unknown player before the Army arrived.[5]

With four pumpkins already fought over, the final Sunday Pumpkin location was a speculated by the General Staff of the Army of the Recovery to either by North or Midmap. The staff came to a decision to not repeat the mistake of Gnome Archipelago that the two companies that made up the Army of the Recovery Abel and Banjo, were to be split to the regions with Abel Company taking North and Banjo taking Midmap.

The final Sunday Pumpkin spawned in the cave System in Tahosa and Banjo Company reached the enemy. The fighting was fierce and the Army suffered a horrendous 64.28% casualty rate that resulted in an entire squad(the 4th) to be wiped out, but managed to secure the Pumpkin and defeat multiple elements of enemy premiums and bandits.[6]

The Army was later to be honored in a ceremony that involved burning all the captured Sunday Pumpkins but was later betrayed by its own members, thus starting the Alt War, where the UTC entered MineZ's worldstage as a player in its politics.

Equipment, Organization and Tactics[edit | edit source]

The Army of the Recovery was the most modern force ever assembled by the UTC at that point, the equipment and supplies being provided by the Directory by order[7] gave the Army everything it needed to operate and secure the pumpkins.

Good durability Feather Falling boots and Binding Helmets, being standard Company Uniforms, were deployed on a large scale. The Army also modified equipment to create specialists and support roles such as a large amount of Cobwebs for Engineers that could create barriers or tear them down. The UTC was the only force in the Spookyfest Campaign to have utilized Earthshakers and other legendaries that were useful, thus giving the UTC an edge in situational flexibility.

Irishkaiser personally oversaw the training of the members of the Army of the Recovery to ensure their battle-readiness and thus inherent close-coordination and synergy with the Army at large. Aside from equipment, the Army of the Recovery also provided quality food and rations to its members with large amounts of bread being distributed to people who needed them during fights to ensure the fighting effectiveness of the UTC forces when food for most other players were running low.

The Army's use of Squads, Companies and Corps gave the UTC flexibility of force concentration and deployment as the sub-groups knew who to support when in close contact with hostile elements.

Above all, the greatest implementation for the Army of the Recovery was the General Staff system that oversaw the logistics, training, recruitment and strategy of the Army itself.

All these factors made the Army of the Recovery the most modern and largest force the UTC assembled at that point and possibly, the most heavily organized and greatest fighting force in MineZ at the time.

Commanders[edit | edit source]

  • Irishkaiser - Field Marshal, I Corps
    • cyclone_43 - Field Captain, Abel Company
    • GunOverdose - Field Captain, Banjo Company

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