Cassmich's Wings or "Tale of the Crew" used to be a popular song in the UTC inspired by the events where cassmich1 used her admin influences to oppress players in MineZ, which resulted in a community backlash. It is based off the song: "Tale of the Tongues" from Skyrim. The Crew is referred to as the group at the time, composing of WholeMilkLP, Irishkaiser and friends who fought against cassmich1.


TES V- Skyrim - Tale of the Tongues - Pantea and Mikael Duet

Tune of Cassmich's Wings/Tale of the Crew

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Cassmich's Wings/Tale of the Crew lyrics
Cassmich's wings, they did darken the sky,

Her chat's acidic ire, and her posts sharpened scythes. 

Men ran and they cowered, and they fought and they cried.

They were banned and they fled as they issued her crimes.

We need saviors to free us from Cassmich's rage,

Heroes on the field of this new war to wage.

And if Cassmich wins, man is gone from this world,

Lost in the shadow of the admins' unfurled.

But then came the Crew on that terrible day.

Steadfast as giants, they entered the fray.

And all saw the video of Cassmich's ruse.

The sweet song of MineZ, player-banning truth.

And so the Crew freed us from Cassmich's rage,

Gave the players their voice, ushered in a new Age!

And if Cassmich's eternal, then eternity's done,

For her story is bullshit and the faggots are gone

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