Communicating Like the Old Guard

Communicating Like the Old Guard, educational video by ObliviousBob.

Company Diction or the Company dialect refers to a form of speaking used by the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company, usually by its most senior members when communicating to each other, specifically during a mission. Company diction is characterized by its economy of words, clear and concise voice and often using a modified, faster version of the Chuck Yeager accent(air traffic control, police, military).

Not to be confused with an accent, which is the way of pronouncing words, Company diction is more about how words are put together with instant understanding of commands or intel being the end goal.

Company Diction was most prevalently used by Banjo Company, who are Counter-Strike veterans and military enthusiasts. Bringing it over to early MineZ and eventually Wasted, the diction has been mostly kept alive by the original founding members of the Company. Because of its exclusivity to the founding members, it's use has almost died out but is being recently being revived as part an intangible heritage of the Company[1].

The use of Company diction has served as a glue and efficient bond of communication and fraternity by all who've used it in-game. Its clean, simple, no-nonsense and assertive tone was mostly appreciated by the older generations of the Company who generally serve as the officer class of the clan.

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