A Company Territory is a term for locations claimed by the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company as an area that is under its direct influence whether by actual occupation by placing their alts or by frequent use of by Company Members. Company Territories do not restrict foreign players from passing or making use of the areas - even as bases for their own clans - but asserts its occupation by using both force and or diplomacy to allow or deny potential groups who may have the intention of removing UTC members from the area.

Company Territories are only confirmed by proclamation of a Directory Member.

Types of Territories[edit | edit source]

List of Company Territories[edit | edit source]

Company Territories are fully incorporated to the UTC and has served frequent functions for the Company, housing the many regiments, storing various supplies and serving as factories for resources. They are predominantly located in the West area of the map.

List of Former Company Territories[edit | edit source]

Former Company Territories were once UTC-controlled areas but were relinquished due to lack of interest, it being inhospitable or change in the strategic nature of the game.

  • Aurora, from 2013-2015
  • Cole Castle, from 2012-2013
  • St.Roseluck Island, from 2012-2012
  • Yawpton, from 2013-2014
  • Wayvernia, from 2013-2015

List of Unincorporated Company Territories[edit | edit source]

Unincorporated Company Territories are locations whose current status is uncertain or is frequented but has no formal declaration of it being a Company Territory - in spite of some calls to declare them so.

  • Forest, since 2014
  • Hell Tree, since 2015

notes[edit | edit source]

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