The Coronation of SkimboardMonkey was an event that took place in US10 somewhere between late June to early July 2013. The coronation crowned user SkimboardMonkey as "king" by the US10 regulars, thereby officiating US10's community to create representation and symbol of the server-community to Shotbow.

Background[edit | edit source]

With the removal of the US11 and US12 servers; refugees flooded US10, where the players got to know each other. The refugees and the US10 players realized they shared a common enemy with the Premiums of MineZ, whom they began to start calling the "Eternal Premium". The most particular enemy and threat were those in Premium-Admin cabals that were rampant in Shotbow's politics. Irishkaiser and SkimboardMonkey agreed that they needed to be organized in order to counter the threat and to give a form of voice and community protection to the server. Irishkaiser proposed that Skimboard who is a native of US10 and therefore the most legitimate to represent the players be the one to become leader with the title of King, in order to keep up with the medieval theme of MineZ, to which SkimboardMonkey agreed.

Ceremony[edit | edit source]

The ceremony took place in Yongton Abbey quite early in EST and was attended by Crackerjack7209, CGStorm23, TheOskarShow, Irishkaiser, fartabstract, TheDeathSlayerz and ObliviousBob. Crackerjack7209, who was another US10 citizen and therefore the most legitimate to process the pomp, asked Skimboard if he was willing to protect of the 10th realm and be its head, to which Skimboard replied "Ya". Crackerjack7209 then used a sacrificial sword, in a symbolic gesture of support from the rest of the community. SkimboardMonkey then placed the Thorned Crowns given to him by Crackerjack, on his head to finish his crowning.


The Coronation of SkimboardMonkey

The Coronation Ceremony of SkimboardMonkey

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The result of the coronation gave face and structure to the Homeserver community of US10. Once effectively organized, the US10 community could now deal with foreign threats to the server as one people. The King's first decree was the KOS of all premiums on US10 with exceptions to few. The UTC members who became US10 citizens called it "BY ORDER OF HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY"[1] or simply known as "The Order".

The event marked a recovery point in the Southern War which the Public Shotbow and UTC community began to regain the upperhand.

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