Shrine of dusk speedrun

The 93rd Regiment of Virtues conducts a Dungeon Run of Shrine of the Dusk

Dungeon Run is a Company event based around the goal of gathering unique dungeon loot for use of by Company Members or to be sold in either trade runs or pre-ordered deals. The 93rd Regiment of Virtues, known as "the Dungeoneers" was built around this mission, naming their regiment after the closed down MineZ dungeon: Test of Virtues.

Dungeon runs often have high causality rates due to their nature and build intention as a challenge to be completed in a dungeon inventory. A dungeon inventory consists of a 1:1 ratio of splash potions to drinkables, and other specialist equipment depending on the dungeon.

Since the secret update in August 2015, Dungeon runs have become more important to the company as they supply Company Men with the equipment used commonly on the field, such as Void Bows and Binding Helmets; and less commonly used equipment, such as Legendary Chestplates and Legendary Potions from Elite Dungeons.

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