A field rank is an UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company function bestowed upon a Company Member or a Regimental that allows them to lead a squad, a company or a corps. First implemented as part of Squadfighting during the Spookyfest Campaign, the ranks are different from the regular "civilian" rank of the UTC, which is given based on loyalty or merit outside of battlefield conduct.

The field rank gives superiority over a civilian rank when it comes to matters of battle and is usually given to those more capable or more strategically attuned to PvP in the UTC. A higher ranking member such as a Company Officer or even a Director are expected to follow those above them in Field Rank when someone is appointed as their superior in battle, even if the person's civilian rank is below theirs.

The field rank allows more competent fighters in the UTC to contribute without giving them potential abuse over the structure of the "civilian" government that affects the day-to-day life of the Company. All field ranks are temporary and are reshuffled depending on the mission, the capability of the individuals, their inclination, morale and specialty(more aggressive/more defensive).

Field Ranks[edit | edit source]

The ranks are given by order of superiority

  • Field Marshal - The supreme field commander, leads multiple corps and may lead their own(24+)
    • Field General - Manages a single corps(12-18)
      • Field Captain - Manages a single company(6-9)
        • Field Corporal - Manages a single squad(3)
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