Icaruis War
Part of UTC Imperialism
Date: 12th July - 7th August, 2016
Location: Northern Midlands
Result: UTC expands Territory
Imperial Citizens recognized by some clans and groups.
Flagofutc2014.png UTC AotNM
UTC Militia
West Bandit Clan
Extremist Antibandits
4 Players Mobilized
varying number of Militia
8 Bandits
2 Extremist Antibandits
3 Teenagers


The Icaruis War was a war started over many issues such as protecting Imperial Citizens, specifically in protecting Icaruis due to his multiple deaths in Rainytown, the steady rise of the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company as a major power in the North, and its perceived weakness during the Al Hasa Disaster exactly one month earlier.

The early stalemates that gave way to early defeats were quickly overturned as the Company learned and adapted from their enemies, even learning to use the flash grenade, which is now a common item in the Company's inventory.

The war was well publicized but rarely reported in the Shotbow forums, but the Company kept accurate records, but classified most of the reports until after the conflict for military reasons.This war was noted as one of the best documented UTC conflicts in its history.

Pre-Icaruis War[edit | edit source]

Before Icaruis joined the 93rd Regiment, Irishkaiser said the reason why Icaruis was targeted are most likely due to his spread of misinformation on the forums, And his attitude towards other players. Other Imperial Citizens were attacked prior to the war and during it.

Shortly after this, ___Toxic___ made his post on the forums regarding his declaration of war upon the UTC and the creation of the WBC(Western Bandit Clan), The war was initiated as a consequence of this, and there were calls within the UTC for mobilization of some level shortly after.

Icaruis War[edit | edit source]

SkimboardMonkey and michellemal's death by West Bandit Clan who mistook him as a Company Member fired the first shots of the war.

Opening Moves and Stalemate[edit | edit source]

After the Icaruis war began, Icaruis died two times in skirmishes to WBC while gearing up using the Paluster Shrine method. On the 15th of July, 2016 an operation was held to patrol company territory under the leadership of OblivousBob and joined by Mr.Pi,MissingNose,Icaruis and StealthStrike after a WBC member under the name of Natalyia killed both MissingNose and FinnMNMiner in a skirmish at Crowmure. The WBC was encountered in Frostbain, though they came one at a time, Resulting in them being outnumbered in each fight. First ___Toxic___ died then Dallas took to the roof of the Church in Frostbain. StealthStrike attempted to flank him on the roof, Though he was knocked of . Shortly after, Dallas went to the ground and attacked though he died. Afterwards, hfy attacked from the NorthWest of Frostbain and was killed as a result.

Early Defeats[edit | edit source]

On 15th of July, 2016, before the Frostbain defense led by OblivousBob, MissingNose and FinnMNMiner both died to the hands of Natalyia in Crowmure. They were initially blinded by a Flashgrenade then killed. Mr.Pi proceeded to scout the area afterwards to get information on the enemy whereabouts, though they had already retreated so a counter-attack couldn't be made.

On the 17th of July, 2016 an ambush was planned using our Intel, though this was a disaster as it resulted in a 3v2 which was lost due to the enemy having Flash Grenades. Boogaerts perspective aroused some debate over the legitimacy of our enemies though it could be answered by lag and hit detection issues. All members in this ambush were killed and no enemies were killed. This also piqued interest in the enemy strategy of using Flash Grenades.

Several days later on the 20th of July,2016 OblivousBob led a reconnaissance mission in Frostbain to seek more information on the enemy strategy. They watched them from top of the southern tower, Originally being a three versus three, and stayed shifted. Shortly after, The enemy logged two more men in and surrounded the southern tower. Initially, This attack was held off, Though shortly after, OblivousBob was knocked off the ladder and died. Shortly after, The rest were forced out and died as a consequence. This reconnaissance was viewed as a material loss rather than a strategic loss, And marked a piece of important information namely being that the enemy had a lot of new members.

UTC Counterattacks and Victory[edit | edit source]

Four days later on the 24th of July,2016, Mr.Pi led a blockade of Paluster and later, Frostbain during SS. Initially, We had information that Typuzer had some form of alliance with ___Toxic___ . He was encountered, and we fired warning shots and he ran. We let him leave in the hopes of drawing out WBC men into a planned ambush. He attempted to come back to Paluster a second time, Chased away a second time. About 30 minutes later, his friend MLG_DURPY logged in and was spotted so we gave chase knowing his anti-UTC sentiments to hopefully draw out WBC. After we killed him, Typuzer screamed TOXIC in chat , And MLG_DURPY later revealed that their forces knew it was a three versus two when in reality it was five versus two. Using their confusion, Mr.Pi led the forces towards Frostbain understanding ___Toxic___'s aggressive attitude and demoralizing and draining the enemy. Once Frostbain was confirmed clear, The group established one person to watch each cardinal direction, And one person patrolling the town. About 15 minutes later, ___Toxic___ was encountered at the north of Frostbain, saying first to his friend Typuzer 'CHARGE' and about 30 seconds later after seeing the full force, 'run'. The main force gave chase, pushing them back past the Gravelands land-bridge and shortly to Shrine hill where they used Grapples to climb it. Due to the large disadvantage the main force was at in this situation, The order was given to retreat to Frostbain. Shortly after ___Toxic___ and Typuzer both logged out, So the main force separated.

On the 21st of July, 2016, YakuzaFour assasinated HazeRanger37 within the town of Paluster, though his friend ___Toxic___ ran after somebody named greywolfin called 'Iron!' immediately when Yakuza logged in. ___Toxic___ fled leaving his partner HazeRanger37 to die.

On the 22nd of July 2016, Yakuza assisted Corsair in an Suicide Saturday run, Acquiring a joint success against WBC with both ___Toxic___ and Fized being killed.

On 24th of July, 2016, SilverTheSylveon was attacked by DurryMunchingAbo and ___Toxic___. ___Toxic___ was picked off initially due to him being undergeared, then SilverTheSylveon chased his friend about 100 blocks south of Paluster and eventually killed him off.

Pacification and Suppression of Anti-UTC Remnants.[edit | edit source]

Military Legacy and Results[edit | edit source]

The Icaruis War showcased the resolve of the Company to fight and defend themselves without easily backing down from what they considered theirs and bolstered the credibility of Imperial Citizenship. For a time, the UTC was placed on MineZ forum's center stage, attracting attention from players and groups. Varying opinions of support and or denouncement of either group was not uncommon, and the though the West Bandit Clan and anti-UTC groups exaggerated their victories and dismissed their defeats, the Company's accurate and well-documented reports and neutral journalism tempered UTC patriotism with pragmatic military sense.

The war also rapidly developed the military capabilities of the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company, the Company's equipment was updated - particularly the addition of flashbangs - to fight for more Northern conditions.The experience gained by Company Members during the war was considered also strategic gain. The de facto defining of the Company's borders was also finalized with the Westerlands and Northern Midlands being considered Company Territories, based on the actual logistical reach of the Company during the fighting.

The Company's production and population also increased as a result of recruits and wartime activities. A surplus of diamond swords and iron armor were then considered and then sold in trade runs after the war.

Most of the Chain Helmet Gang(CHG) who attacked the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company later joined the Company and provided members for the 111th Regiment of Frostbain.

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