Imperial Citizenship is the civil status of a person under the protection of the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company. Imperial Citizens are protected only within Company Territories.

The Official List of Imperial Citizens can be found Here.

History[edit | edit source]

Imperial Citizens were established during the Company's Annexation of the Northern Midlands campaign after the Company came into contact with players frequenting the region. These players provided assistance, supplies and most importantly intelligence reports to the Company forces in the area. However, constant fighting with other belligerent groups and players were also frequent and it became necessary to distinguish friend from foe on a clan level.

Opportunity was sensed by the Directory to exploit both friendly players and to provide clear rules on who to kill for the more bandit oriented players of the Company. The Imperial Citizens list was enacted in recognition for their help during the Annexation. In exchange for their valuable cooperation, citizens were to be protected by any outside threat, but not from each other. Irishkaiser set up a List of Imperial Citizens and finalized the rules of engagements on 2nd of June, 2016.[1]

The Icaruis War was a war involving around the protection of the Imperial Citizens and thus legitimizing them as a recognized status within some MineZ clans and groups.

The Battle Honour, Paluster 2016, was won for the defense of Imperial Citizens in Rainytown(Paluster).

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