Members of the Imperial General Staff, July 2017.

The Imperial General Staff or otherwise known as the Grand Staff is the senior General Staff of the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company, taking supreme authority and responsibility for the allocation of resources, men and material over its junior staffs which directly command individual Company Forces.

The Imperial General Staff is currently responsible for the defense needs of the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company and oversees intelligence, training, planning and military doctrine.

History[edit | edit source]

The Imperial General Staff Proposition in the Imperial Assembly.

When the Army of Observation became ineffective as its scope was limited to external issues and with the foiling of the Alicethekiller Directory Ambition Conspiracy which pitted Company Members to spy on itself, the only active Company Army became practically defunct. However, the benefits of a permanently standing defense institute was still sought after and during five days' discussion in the Imperial Assembly the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company established the Imperial General Staff on the 23rd of May, 2017.[1]

The Grand Staff at its founding immediately set about preparing the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company for any future hostilities. At an inopportune moment, the Grand Staff was suddenly beset by migrating bandits from the dried up fights in Al Hasa. The sudden attacks forced the officers of the Grand Staff to deliberate and to organize its forces. Originally, veteran officers were to lead a unit known as Task Force Chester, but others sensed opportunity in to allow junior officers to lead the fight and give them hands-on experience. The Task Force Chester Operations achieved eventual Company supremacy in the affected territories, however it later led the Company to butt heads with abusive admins from three different groups.

Facing corrupt admin abusers who were accidentally warned by the Company papers, the Imperial General Staff has kept a closer eye and learning how to defeat people who are practically omnipotent.

Command and Structure of the Imperial General Staff[edit | edit source]

Unlike other Company Armies, the Command Structure of the Imperial General Staff is deliberately kept vague as new additions or removals of its members give off a false sense of its character or composition. A person may bring in a new skill or complimentary personality that may lead to the creation of a new department or re-assigning them.

Staff Officers may serve in subordinate staffs to also confuse and confound observers as to who really is part of the Imperial General Staff.

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