Company [?] Major Irishkaiser
Irishkaiser in his trademark UD-12 uniform
Irishkaiser in his trademark UD-12 uniform
Position Directory Member

Captain of the South Aspermont Regiment.

Allegiance Flagofutc2014.png UTC

Shotbow Public

Status Banned as of March 2015 but remains active leader.
Service and Awards
Clans/Guilds UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company,

222nd Infantry Battalion(Wasted)

Awards Knights of the Order of Spyware

Combat of Merit III Medal of Gallantry Purple Heart

Other work Author of Wasted Resource Pack

Major Irishkaiser, also known as The Rebel Son, but affectionately known by his peers as "Captain", is the current de-facto leader of the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company since 18th September 2012. He is currently one of the only surviving Directory Members who still play - the other two being Major Avver and sometimes Major Vergath.

He assumed dominance in the Directory, by his respected and well-known leadership ability in the [?] Clan after a one week introduction to MineZ led by Major Killahamsta and his brother, Corporal Caffy.

In late 2012, he started becoming prominent in MineZ through his charisma and unique playstyle, he was also being aided by WholeMilkLP in propagating his image and the image of the company in general through YouTube videos.

An outspoken player member, because of his long experience in gaming communities, he provoked multiple conflicts across Shotbow that brought attention to certain issues in the game and openly denounced MineZ's administration for their corruption and ineffective decisions. He sparked the issue known as the Cassmich Controversy when he called out Jacsebalon, an admin at the time, who was openly defending Cassmich after the individual was brought into question for cheating.

During the January 2013 Al Hasa Updates, he alone openly cried out against the decisions of the admins that led to players leaving because of the mass banditry. He struggled to get his message across and only after McNiiby repeated what he said, did the community start to turn. That event left a lasting impression on Irishkaiser who from then on, began to distrust admins and staff members and anyone friends of the admins, regarding them as mere "'socialite snobs'".

Famously known for hating premiums, he campaigned and fought against them during the Southern War of 2013 sparked by the January Al Hasa Update. His fights on the forums and in-game and his experiences formed the core of the tactics used by the Company today.

Early 2013 was disastrous for the Company and the remaining Directory members, including Irishkaiser, convened in June 2013 and discussed the Company's future which resulted in the June Reforms. Following the Reforms, Irishkaiser led the Company to new heights and subsequently began defeating all of their enemies from premiums to admins to clans, both on the forums and in-game. His administration for over a year has doggedly led the Company growth up to today that can boast being the only effective organization in MineZ.

The Shotbow staff, realizing the potency of Irishkaiser and his influence has kept an eye on him, not eager to repeat their humiliations in the past and has targeted him specifically. At first, by restricting his Shotbow browsing ability because he technically didn't warrant a ban, and then, with more stricter sense of the rules that led to his permanent ban for joking about unzipping his pants. Many sympathize with Irishkaiser however, and thought the ban unjust.

Irishkaiser is remembered as an exceptionally experienced military leader and tactician as well as an able politician and creative thinker, credited with introducing important organizational and game reforms and the Wasted Official Resource Pack. As for his famous reluctance towards compromise, he quotes Charles XII; "I have resolved never to start an unjust war but never to end a legitimate one except by defeating my enemies". With conflict consuming more than half his career and nearly all his administration, Irishkaiser is arguably MineZ's most controversial player and possibly even all of Shotbow with many painting him in a romantic and mythical light.

Origins[edit | edit source]

The name Irishkaiser is a shortened version of his alias, Irishkaiserway; that anagrams to Sierra Whiskey, which is phonetic alphabet for S-W, that stands for his true online name: Spyware. He gained this nickname from his former superior: Adware - his first Counter-Strike clan's vice-leader who took him in because "he found him funny". Before the name change, he was called Al Kazansky. Spyware's experiences and characteristics all stemmed from his time playing Counter-Strike. He found that he had developed love for the AWP and impressed many other clans because his skill was handicapped by his high ping in US servers(280-300ms). Coupled with his charisma and humor, he became a popular member of the community and was known as the go-to guy for everything chill in the game and had a reputation for charming and smooth-talking ladies.

S:MOD, an [?] Clan project led by Spyware(Irishkaiser) in modding CS:2D.

When his first clan collapsed, Spyware began to put [?] into his playername, indicating his lack of being in a clan. With the help of Veracity and Adware who would later become Vice-Leader to him, they began to take that symbol and founded the [?] Clan. The clan developed into a small-medium sized clan that emphasized community and sense of sportsmanship and fostering the arts

such as skinning, coding and mapping. The group eventually branched out and founded other games such as the Counter-Strike clone: CS:2D and there they made a mod called S-MOD that was very popular for a short while and gave him experience on executing projects. The mod project dithered like many others and then a new project began on Minecraft after they found survival just plain boring. Spyware, who registered as Irishkaiser, was then invited by Killahamsta and his brother; Caffy, to play a game called MineZ.

MineZ 2012 Early MineZ[edit | edit source]

A rare old screenshot of "Banjo Company"; the UTC's predecessor group, operating near Huntsgrove to rescue VerGath. Note: DIRTPAT Camo in use by killahamsta

The first group to play MineZ, composed of Irishkaiser, killahamsta, kyleddude007, Dragon0912, VerGath and Avver. After one week of playing as a survival group by exploring and gathering, the group realized they have acquired more stuff than they could possibly need and decided trading rather than killing was best, for it will only add more to their inventory stress if they carried extra items from fallen foes. The first ever trade run was conducted by Irishkaiser, killahamsta and kyleddude007 but Irishkaiser was killed by fans of MineZ streamer AltBlu after attempting to sell merchandise in Yongton. The fans were soonafter massacred by killahamsta and kyleddude007 with extreme vindication.

Through killahamsta's suggestion, Irishkaiser began playing on US11 more and more until it started becoming the "default" server out of habit of not just him, but everyone in the Company. Always active in the eyechat - Irishkaiser befriended the vast majority of the regular public and met the other first generation members of the UTC. ElectroCake in particular began flirting with Irishkaiser at this point, who initially rejected her advances, but later caught his attention by being an able leader on the tactical level. ElectroCake began taking control of the European-American members while Irishkaiser held the Asian-Pacific members. Also within this time, the Company met and planned with WholeMilkLP who was interested in what the group was doing and wanted unique MineZ content to share on his channel. The partnership was a mutual benefit even though it was a very costly trade run after encountering 3 hackers - the Company acquired advertisements and WholeMilkLP acquired his unique content.

Once acquiring a base from which to show credibility and respect, killahamsta proceeded with the next phase of his policy's plans: to get the then-largest clan in MineZ; the Night's Watch, to also help with advertisement. After watching the World Event video, killahamsta wanted to slingshot the organization as one of the big leagues. Irishkaiser was chosen to represent and given a blank cheque to acquire endorsement. Irishkaiser's inherent charm and charisma instantly won the Night's Watch over and his terms were generous and political wording hit home while being acceptable[1]. Upon hearing of the results, killahamsta at first was shocked at the "free of charge" clause and almost scolded Irishkaiser for such an offer but relented when shown that in reality, they pay for it anyway and the clause became little more than a symbolic gesture which killahamsta saw the wisdom in.

After the connection with the Night's Watch was solidified, the plan was simply to let it drift and see where it took the group. Encouraged to do YouTube videos by killahamsta and WholeMilk to pass the time, Irishkaiser began to gain fame and prestige in the game and Irishkaiser became the poster boy for the relatively new clan that was already making a name for itself.

cassmich1 in her alt(cri45) showing off her admin connections to Irishkaiser.

His fortunes changed when Irishkaiser encountered users cassmich1 and paul250. Initially, they were very cordial and cassmich even showed Irishkaiser her other friends. Relations were strained when cassmich1 and paul250 killed some of Irishkaiser's friends and Irishkaiser told them that he'd be forced to fight on their side if they did it again, to which cassmich1 took offense and escalated the conflict by sending gangs to kill Irishkaiser. Irishkaiser did not tell the Company and at first ignored it, and carried on business as usual. However, it only served to irritate cassmich1 and after the third attack - Irishkaiser made sure to retaliate with the help of WholeMilk and his friends, while agreeing to use Company members as bait.

Shortly before the ambush - cassmich1 made an attempt at an apology but was rebuffed by Irishkaiser after it was discovered that she and paul250 were carrying glitched bows[1]. Irishkaiser and WholeMilk were outraged and shocked as one member of the group was interrogating them via PM and cassmich1's defense was that she won't get banned "because she was friends of the admins".

cassmich1's infamous response that sparked the ire of the community. Its impact made it The Empire's Image of the Year for 2013.

The group realized that her threat did have potency and the rest, including Irishkaiser, agreed to keep it a secret and planned to submit the evidence to GuardenGnome, the one admin that wasn't completely under cassmich1's influence. Their efforts were thwarted when user Bionic_Prodigy, who was entrusted with the secret, leaked it to one of his friends who started to complain in the chat. Jacsebalon immediately came to her defense, as cassmich1 had predicted, with the words "cass would never do that!" and Jacsebalon insulting other players by saying their posts are bad [2], setting the position of the administration before the evidence was even submitted.

In response, WholeMilk then proceeded to release the video, starting the Cassmich Controversy event in which the MineZ public generated an uproar over perceived staff bias to friends. Irishkaiser took it much more personally as cassmich1 started to also attack his friends and bully them. Accordingly, Irishkaiser and the rest began to take flak from cassmich1's friends such as Ju1cY_0n3 who proceeded to get every thread that cassmich was mentioned in locked because he provoked flaming and accused those prosecuting cassmich1 of "trolling". Irishkaiser at one point was challenged by Beast2x to a one on one to "defend" the "honour" of cassmich1. It was at this time, Irishkaiser noticed that they were all premium and his allies were all "white regulars", but thought nothing of it at first and dismissed it as mere coincidence.

Eventually, cassmich1 dithered and stopped appearing on US11. The admins and the staff enacted that bans are not to be discussed by the community but only between those who were concerned and rumors generated from Mr_Darn on mumble stated that cassmich1 was not banned but she was scolded heavily for using her relationship with the admins to bully other players. The attacks on Irishkaiser and his friends also began to decrease as cassmich1 began wronging her allies and turning them against herself. They, however, refused to side with Irishkaiser for his own hostility and just went on their own separate paths.

Some members of the Directory left because of these events citing past experiences in other game communities of admin-player relationship abuse such as Dragon0912. Irishkaiser and the other Directory members remained, yet his trust in the admins and staff and premiums were mildly shaken.

Minez 2013 The Southern War[edit | edit source]

Irishkaiser's trust and faith in the admins completely diminished during the event known as the January Al Hasa Updates - marking the beginning of what the UTC called The Southern War. Irishkaiser alone in the entire thread on the announcement argued against the Al Hasa nerf that removed potions in the popular town which was one of the few places in the North to get them at the time.[3] Irishkaiser predicted catastrophe would befall the South with resource-hungry irons bearing on weak leathers. Realizing that he was no longer a nobody, as he was now infamous for being a leading figure in the Cassmich Controversy, he feared that he might push his luck too far and get banned before he could do anything to affect the course of MineZ. He began to start posting on the subreddit on /r/MineZ more often, to get the attention of the MineZ admins and devs.

However, Irishkaiser accumulated many enemies during the Cassmich Controversy which retarded his efforts to change the updates. A monkeysphere effect also created new opponents to Irishkaiser such as Glitchyy101 who became increasingly pro-admin and interjected in support of the admins in almost every complaint thread. Irishkaiser's participation in the defense of the South against Northern massacre teams however, earned him the adoration of the Southerners and attracted him followers, also thanks in part to WholeMilkLP's documentations.

A screenshot from 2013, depicting the usual amount of people brought together in a trade run in Bell Farm.

The Directory, especially Irishkaiser, who was blinded by the fame, did not foresee that not every new member or person willing to join the UTC was beneficial to the cause. Multiple people; white and premium, joined in just to either get closer to WholeMilk, to become famous themselves and or to find a clan that'll give them an opportunity to fight in the South without seeing what the UTC exactly was fighting for or what its purpose was. The Southern War, though devastating, was the era of the largest groups the Company or Irishkaiser had experienced, with up to 30-40 players all following the caravan, almost half the server on certain days.

Irishkaiser's campaign, at first, seemed to be increasingly futile as the 2nd week dragged on, with more people antagonizing him for disagreeing with the admin decision and his condemnation of people in public. Complaining about the utter "blindness" of the Shotbow staff and administration, he came upon an epiphany while ranting about how they only listen to friends and connections and Irishkaiser changed strategy. Instead of arguing directly against the administration, Irishkaiser began to use whatever influential connections he had - WholeMilk was the obvious choice, not only because they were close - but also because he expressed the same reservations when Irishkaiser told him how he felt about the Al Hasa Updates. Using the videos which were increasingly about fighting iron-chain bandits in the South, WholeMilk began to convince his other friends of the futility of the Al Hasa Updates, either by talking or by bringing them to the actual fighting in the South.

The tide started to turn 22 days after the update, when, on 30th January 2013; McNiiby, an influential MineZ player and a friend of WholeMilk, posted a thread satirizing the decisions the administration made on reddit.[4]

When WholeMilk sent the thread to Irishkaiser, the latter upon receiving was filled with glee and hope, but was soured inside by his bitter experience in his failure at trying to bring about change by presenting facts and reason to discussion, forcing his hand to use friends and connections to achieve his ends.

Because of Irishkaiser's frequent use and his social network, the fame of US11 began to grow as a bigger community, becoming a hub for regular players and premium as well, seeking to make at least one trade with the famous trading company. The concept of the Homeserver was fully defined inside US11 and the people in some servers began to develop their own unique identities and cultures. The server was affectionately named Virginia by the local regulars and a predictable list of people usually appeared on the online tab. Multiple "white" regular clans also sprang up in US11 that stood on par with the increasingly bigger "premium" clans, one of them, a long standing ally to the UTC, came to be called The Hooded Bandits. Some of these clans would eventually transform into premium clans and compete actively in the battles centering around Al Hasa.

Average US11 population in comparison to other servers. Note: the second attempt at the Shotbow Lobby in the background.

After the changes were rolled out, the massacre teams stopped heading South and the UTC celebrated. The Directory began to return to business as usual, but when after the grapple was released to premium players for a "beta-testing" that never did stop during early February, the UTC began to encounter a new threat to their trade runs that was completely different from the iron-geared players who terrorized the South in the past. This was a new enemy that used radically different tactics and was composed of people who fought the massacre teams and at the same time, were part of the massacre teams themselves: they became well known as the Southern Premium bandit.

Already distrusting of premiums because of their past involvements, Irishkaiser's hate began to solidify at not just their battle advantages over the white regular players with horizontal grappling but also because of their respawning ability, allowing them to effectively double their numbers with extra lives in a fight anywhere in the South. All that, coupled with frequent provocative language from them such as "gg no re", "ez" and "scrub randy", made fighting the premium a very distasteful experience for those involved. Irishkaiser took part in many of these battles and conflicts raging in the South, using his first-hand experience in using the same tactics they used against the massacre teams, he quickly discerned their mentality and goals in their attacks and was able to survive most attacks while keeping the caravans relatively intact. At this point, the ElectroCake had left and the Atlantic Team began to look to the Pacific Team for leadership and support, for which Irishkaiser proved able.

With the frequency of the fights and finding themselves fighting a war of attrition, the following months took a toll on the Company's numbers and easily battle-fatigued most of the UTC's members who still weren't active PvPers. The Directory allowed multiple numbers of premiums in, to give them a chance to prove themselves free of the premium "stereotype" that began to start spreading and at the same time to gain reinforcements to defeat the premium attackers and to put less stress on QuART(killahamsta and kyleddude007) who provided most of the PvP backbone of the UTC.

To compound the problems of the Company, the public release of Wasted sometime March brought with it the sacrifice of two of MineZ's servers(US11 & US12). Many were angry with the abrupt decision[5], but Irishkaiser was particularly outraged because of he had helped built US11 up from just being another numbered server and his many friends including mergimmio, DuncaniaX, fmthemaster and many others with whom he commonly interacted with on the server began to be scattered. Immediately afterwards, Irishkaiser started protesting in the Shotbow Lobby alone but then was joined by multiple people - some of whom did it for the herd mentality - and eventually Company members of US11 and other US11 regulars joined what was later called "Occupy MineZ" after the Occupy Wallstreet movement in real life.

Members of US11(and some random people) block the signs in an attempt to draw attention to the Homeserver communities. Note: third attempt at Shotbow Lobby in background.

The protest drew the ire of the admins, specifically Mr_Darn and Piti101, who threatened the protesters to disperse or risk being banned. Irishkaiser interjected that some protesters were innocent and so were kicked rather than outright banned. Mr_Darn then invited Irishkaiser over the Shotbow Network Mumble to discuss what their agenda was about , which was still unclear to the administration[6]. Irishkaiser reasoned that the staff were ignoring whole communities in MineZ and that they simply wanted to draw attention to the fact that they weren't properly informed and had their homeservers taken away without any prior notification. Mr_Darn countered that it was unacceptable under any circumstances to block the signs because it affected people who had nothing to do with the servers being removed but advised Irishkaiser to bring it up with Lazertester or Highlife, which Irishkaiser countered that the admins are too high up or elitist to listen, to which Mr_Darn simply retorted to "bring it up to Lazer or Highlife".

Shortly after the discussion was concluded, US11 and US12 were not being brought back and the group was harassed by user JONNY1NFERNO, a premium and a friend of the staff. Irishkaiser simply ignored him and ordered the others to do the same and discuss what happens next - however, the sequence of events solidified Irishkaiser's position of utter contempt for both premiums and the administration. User JONNY1NFERNO was allowed to get away with it, until WholeMilk stepped in to the defense of Irishkaiser and his acquintances for which JONNY1NFERNO was scolded and told never to do it again. Depressed further that it took friendship and connections to get justice, Irishkaiser began to become more cynical, grim and spiteful of premiums.

Months later(image taken 15th July), the losses of US11 & US12 were still felt and served as a reminder of the enmity between the Regulars and the MineZ Premium-Reddit Staff elite.

The Southern War started to take a turn for the worse and the loss of Virginia was held dear by killahamsta and kyleddude007 and many other players who almost never met up again even within a year later, adding to the list of "regular" casualties to the conflict. The pro-admin premiums grieved losses of community members of even questionable character but refused to acknowledge the grief of loss of whole communities, such as Tetraporc, using the Occupy MineZ memory to denounce Irishkaiser and belittle the concepts of Homeservers[7]. Irishkaiser's hatred only grew from perceiving that even the "nice" premiums disregard other members of the community for the sake of their friends.

Around this time, user Matt486 started pushing for an idea with a stream event for the Minefanatics, which Irishkaiser was not particularly inclined to do because of recent events. He expressed extreme distaste for premiums and wanted nothing more to do with them but Matt486 pressed the issue further, to which Irishkaiser replied to "get them to come to us, instead.". Matt486 did manage to arrange with the Minefanatics and Irishkaiser was made to oblige. ElectroCake had made a return and though initially expressing shock for the loss of US11 but also excitement over the Company's subsequent growth and returned just in time for the Minefanatics' stream. ElectroCake volunteered to lead, much to the joy of Irishkaiser who did not want to be in the spotlight for what he started to see as a premium-dominated audience.

The Stream was a disaster with over multiple premiums coming on leading to the death of ElectroCake whose members were too busy staring at Irishkaiser to do anything. Irishkaiser was extremely disappointed in the conduct of his members in the Minefanatics Stream, especially with the members of the Company. ElectroCake soonafter left again following the Minefanatics' Stream. Matt486, the one who proposed the stream in the first place, later betrayed fartabstract, further straining Irishkaiser's perceptions on the premiums which were past breaking point that he began to distrust even his own premiums, save for fartabstract. Irishkaiser eventually decided to convene with the rest of the Directory members following an investigation on a poorly conducted trade run led by fartabstract who reported inability to control or maintain the group. Irishkaiser agreed with the rest of the Directory that the Company itself was not at fault - but rather, it's members were and the premiums of Shotbow were a threat to its existence.

On the 8th of June 2013, Irishkaiser proclaimed the June Reforms which purged the Company of undesireable premium members, but sparing fartabstract and jakub1111 for different reasons respectively[8]. A chief clause among these were the dissolution of the Free Stuff Agreement with the Night Watch's, who took it poorly and began raiding the Company subreddit with downvotes and upvoting their own posts. It was at this point that Irishkaiser met SkimboardMonkey, a native of US10, who welcomed the refugees from US11 and US12. The two shared a common enemy with the Eternal Premium with whom SkimboardMonkey realized were more potent than he thought after he heard the stories of Irishkaiser. Agreeing to solidify the community of US10 to give it proper representation, the citizens of US10 participated in the coronation of SkimboardMonkey as the server's king.[9]

MineZ 2014 End of the Southern War & Renaissance[edit | edit source]

MineZ 2015 Subsequent Ban[edit | edit source]

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