Civilized Concession

UTC accepts a bandit's surrender. Video by ObliviousBob.

The Laws of War is an unfixed canon as to how a Company Member should behave in front of their officers and in the face of the enemy. They were born out of the desire to foster professionalism and prevent unintended conflict by discouraging the follower from being provoked or provoke themselves.

Terminology[edit | edit source]

The Laws of War, are not necessarily laws at all since they bear no set punishments, they are still enforced when deemed necessary as the breaking of the code of conduct in front of customers or potential customers may affect the reputation of the Company as a whole. They are only called Laws of War for formality or dramatic bearing, but they are still rather important that they must be implied as such to those who are in the UTC.

Codes of Conduct(Laws of War)[edit | edit source]

The following is the list of the Code of Conduct in the Field of Battle, usually enforced in a trade run as it has more chance encounters and fights because it's in the South - an area with a high population density.

  • Play fairly, do not use cheats.
  • DO NOT TALK IN A FIGHT(in-game chat) or respond to provocation.
  • Do not kill unnecessarily and or without orders(i.e. surrendering players, retreating players).
  • Do not complain against the enemy if you were killed fairly.
  • Do not interfere in a fight that has nothing to do with our security.
  • Do not betray those you've formally allied with.
  • Be obedient to your officers.
  • Be honest to your officers and comrades
  • Quietly report hackers or cheaters.

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