Village of Lazerville
Lazerville reinterpreted by Irishkaiser
Lazerville reinterpreted by Irishkaiser
Type Agricultural Village
Coordinates (-2400, -2550)
Region Northern Forests, Westerlands
Occupied by Unoccupied

Lazerville was once a populated village located about 500 blocks Northeast of Aspermont. It was placed as a compensation build, after the abandoned Settlements project in MineZ.

After its location was made known, UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company was initially apprehensive because of its distance from Aspermont. However, it simply served as another breakwater like Arbreton had and a substitute for Crowmure for the Company's fighters.

The village became the "new Crowmure" after the January Al Hasa Updates for its high quality military gear, health potions and sufficient source of food.

Multiple clans started hopping in the village and even some healer clans have stationed themselves in Lazerville, in spite of the threat of hoppers. This made the village, for its time as a hot spot, a center for Western identity as many of the hoppers and healers who stationed themselves there began calling themselves a "West" clan, as opposed to "East" clans. After Majicou's Secret Update, the town experienced a decline in population and was transformed into an agricultural village.

History[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Lazerville was named after the main developer of MineZ: Lazertester, by kensai1111 but the name was also inspired from DarnsVille, the name of a settlement on US1[1] and also named after another admin, Mr_Darn A year later, in May, the town made a comeback with its official name being Lazerville.[2]

Origins[edit | edit source]

The village had its origins in the MineZ Settlements project: a player-interactive town mechanic. All the buildings were allegedly built by kensai1111. The Settlements project was abandoned and all of its subsequent features were transferred to Wasted and MineZ 2. So as not to waste the effort, the building modules were placed into the former West Settlement area in 2014.

Early History[edit | edit source]

Lazerville was placed in-game in May of 2014. The town's loot tables contained potions, high-tier military and a sufficient food source which quickly spread among the playerbase who began to visit Lazerville frequently from Arbreton. Various hopping clans also began to migrate into Lazerville and the village subsequently became known as the "Al Hasa of the West" or the "New Crowmure".

Majicou's Secret Project Update[edit | edit source]

Majicou's Secret Project Update affected Lazerville rather negatively, unlike other regions in the map which benefited greatly from the update. Lazerville's loot tables were changed into something more basic and its potions chests were reduced in number; the population began to decline.

The Company however, began to find Lazerville as a convenient source of bandages and dyes for which Aspermont was lacking. The dyes and bandages fueled the Fireworks Industry of the UTC.

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