Merchandise or colloquially known as goods, is the end product of the Company's efforts of gathering items. The items are sold through various clients - whether they be trade runs or pre-ordered deals. Some products are readily available as they are generally produced for a trade run, or must be produced before they can be sold as they were pre-ordered.

Company Traders in Bell Farm.

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Trade Run Merchandise[edit | edit source]

The bulk of the Company's profits usually come from Trade Runs. In these weekly events, the Company sells many types of merchandise to players in the South. These items are generally considered mid-tier by most MineZ players, and higher tier goods are sold in pre-ordered deals. This is so players don't attack the Company with high tier gear, and so that in the event they die, no hostile players (premiums) get the good gear and wreak havoc on the generally less experienced population of the South.

Below is a list of merchandise sold during trade runs, with prices listed in health potions. Health potions are the most common item used to buy merchandise, although buttons (worth two potions), tools, bandages (worth 2 potions), and other items can be used as well. All items are full durability, unless otherwise specified.

Item Price
Full Set of Chain Armor 4 Potions
Iron Sword 1 Potion
Smite (any level) Iron Sword (always over 100 durability) 1 Potion
Iron Axe 2 Potions
Infinity Bow 2 Potions
Diamond Sword 5 Potions
Full Set of Iron Armor 8 Potions

Pre-Ordered Deals' Merchandise[edit | edit source]

The Company also sells items in pre-ordered deals. These items are almost always higher tier, and the prices are more flexible, and are paid in a larger variety of ways.

All items are full durability unless specified (legendary items are not).

Item Price
Diamond Sword 5 Potions
Iron Armor Set 8 Potions
Infinity Bow 2 Potions
Myriad Legendaries Negotiable
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