A military exercise or war game is the employment of military resources in training for military operations, either exploring the effects of warfare or testing strategies without losing community face. This also serves the purpose of ensuring the combat readiness of garrisoned or deployable forces prior to deployment in a real battlefield. Military Exercises give opportunities for Staff Officers or Officers of the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company hands on experience in the handling of troops, allocation of resources and allows them to test experimental equipment or strategies.

In these exercises, Server hopping is allowed, and anyone may bring as much as they can and no inventory restrictions.

Rules are only given on how to achieve objectives. It must be remembered that the end is to study battlefield results and not to "win" over anybody or lament in defeat. The point is to test or train in strategies and tactics.

Joint Exercises[edit | edit source]

At times, the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company may conduct these war games with several different armed forces of foreign clans. The training is described as a joint exercise. Said forces may be different branches of the armed forces from one clan or may be armed forces from different clans.

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