An order or order of merit is a graphic honour, awarded by the Directory to an individual or even an entire regiment. The awards trace their history from the original [?] Clan who rebranded and edited the GFX of Battlefield 2142's medals to suit their own needs in Counter-Strike. The orders were still in effect and were sometimes sporadically given throughout 2012-2015, but it was officially revived and redefined in the 17th of December 2015[1] to suit MineZ. Earning an order of merit depends on the requirement of the order itself, but there are common pre-requisites recognized to all such as being "mentioned in dispatches"(typically on the Empire newspaper). Only Company Members are eligible to be awarded for an order of merit.

Orders and Decorations[edit | edit source]

Grand Orders & Decorations[edit | edit source]

Awarded for very exemplary deeds that have made a profound positive cultural impact in the clan, and or in the community in general. The Grand Order is divided into a cultural and political aspect with the Order of Adware reserved for digital artists including programmers and writers, it may also be given to resource pack authors and builders of the clan, while the Order of Spyware is generally reserved for administration, leadership, diplomacy and innovation affecting clan identity. All Directors are entitled to wear the Knights of the Order of Spyware medal and ribbon.

  • Order of Adware: Only skinners, programmers, writers, intellectuals, editors, and digital artists in general.
  • Order of Spyware: Officers and individuals who've demonstrated excellent leadership qualities.

Senior Orders & Decorations[edit | edit source]

Senior Orders are made for very exemplary deeds and recognition of individual talent and skill that has contributed to the Company's growth and prestige in the community. 

Eagle, Star and Cross of the Empire[edit | edit source]

Awarded to individuals for their service based on their talent, for the Officer(Eagle), Citizen(Star) and Soldier(Cross) of the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company.

  • Eagle: Officers who successfully led a major campaign or project of the UTC from start to finish.
  • Star: Members who successfully ensured a major campaign or project punctually carry on in spite of an earlier disaster.
  • Cross: PvPers who led a major UTC-related battles and triumphed in spite of difficulties.

PvP Orders & Decorations[edit | edit source]

PvP Orders and Decorations are for valor, discipline and exemplary skill in face of the enemy. MineZ's sandbox gameplay mechanics have allowed multiple possibilities of encounters and how they play out. Only noteworthy actions are considered for awards.

Medal of Gallantry[edit | edit source]

Awarded for noteworthy Gallantry and Valor in the face of the enemy. The candidate must never be known to trashtalk, show cowardice or dishonor themselves in bellum.

Combat of Merit[edit | edit source]

The Combat of Merit Award comes in three classes, each with a varying degree on meeting the requirements. The pre-requisite of the award requires the candidate to have scored a kill in the fight that was deemed noteworthy.

  • 1st Class: Scored multiple Kills, obeyed the Laws of War and Company Chivalry, is reported to have carried the battle against equal or stronger enemy opponents.
  • 2nd Class: Scored multiple Kills, obeyed the Laws of War and Company Chivalry.
  • 3rd Class: Scored a Kill, obeyed the Laws of War and Company Chivalry.

Purple Heart[edit | edit source]

Awarded to individuals who sacrificed themselves or died valiantly against an enemy to either buy time or cause considerable damage before their own death which may have assisted their team in escaping or winning the fight.

Petty Merit[edit | edit source]

Petty Merit Awards are for minor noteworthy achievements and consistent display or improvement on a high standard of an individual, and or even an uncommon achievement by the player.

Honourable Service Award[edit | edit source]

The Honourable Service Award is awarded to anyone who has had at least one year active service within in the clan, distinguishing the individual for their loyalty.

Dungeoneer's Service Award[edit | edit source]

The Dungoneer's Service Award recognizes the ability of an individual to have completed at least 3 different difficult dungeons with consistency of profitable outcome.

  • Dungeoneer's Service: Both individuals and an entire regiment is eligible for this award.

Personal Defense Merit[edit | edit source]

Awarded to individuals who have demonstrated expertise or mastery in the use of a weapon.

  • Master Archery Award: Demonstrate expertise and marksmanship in the use of the bow.
  • Master Swordsman Award: Demonstration expertise and swordsmanship in the use of the sword.

Bronze, Silver and Gold Star[edit | edit source]

Awarded to actions that have either no category or the individual is noted to keeping consistent or higher standard of the person's trade or specialty.

  • Gold Star: Undertook the mission or encounter with distinction, positively affects the UTC and it's reputation.
  • Silver Star: Undertook the mission or encounter with distinction, positively affects the UTC.
  • Bronze Star: Undertook the mission or encounter with distinction.

Habit and Decoration[edit | edit source]

Medals should generally be shown left to right, least to greatest. Maximum of four.

Decorational displays on forum signatures are generally up to the user, but the most formal way is least to greatest, with a maximum of 4 for medals, left to right. Each medal or the whole medal list may serve as an image link to one's Award Page or a screenshot or video of one's deeds that have earned a specific honour.

Ribbons can be shown up to nine, as long as the order is least to greatest, left-to-right, starting from the bottom.

Ribbons can either be spread out like medals left to right and are generally more pleasing, but one may also edit and bunch the ribbons together as long as the order is least to greatest, starting from the bottom left. Generally, whatever looks good is acceptable and one may play around with one's decorations in visual editing tools.

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