Paluster 2016
Part of UTC Imperialism
Date: August 19th, 2016
Location: Paluster or Rainytown
Result: Decisive UTC Victory
Flagofutc2014.png UTC
222nd Regiment
95th Regiment
93rd Regiment
Anti-UTC Bandits

3 Company Irons
2 Irons
1 Chain
5 Irons
1 Iron-Chain



Paluster 2016 or Battle of Rainytown 2016 was a UTC PvP action against multiple bandits who attacked Imperial Citizens at Paluster. The fight is currently the largest of the battles fought in the Midlands between the Company and those opposing them.

The victory in Paluster improved the Company's image among healer type clans while reducing the morale, moral superiority and image of the anti-UTC camp.

The battle also demonstrated the cemented return of the Battle-Buddy system which was blended with the increasingly obsolete Formation Fighting System. The battle was also noted for exposing certain weaknesses of the UTC that were joyfully studied by defense analysts in the Company.

Background[edit | edit source]

Multiple premium bandit groups rioted in the Midlands following declarations of war against the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company. The Directory sent reinforcements from the Westerlands to deal with the threat and built up a local militia that developed a combination of conventional and guerrilla tactics and strategies. The Company was able to defeat them in the first War, which garnered the UTC new territories, but the anti-UTC camp refused to accept defeat and continued their fight regardless of losing their first army.

A series of skirmishes usually ended in Company victories[1][2][3] and for a time, the anti-UTC forces, primarily consisted of West Bandit Clan(WBC) were now down to two members. On the 17th of August however, ___Toxic___ was able to garner the support of another group in his personal war with the Company after DerpyPlayz(Cerni) posted a thread declaring war on the UTC[4]. DerpyPlayz's group proceeded to attack Imperial Citizens and other random friendly players, but were beaten by the Company in Frostbain[5].

Finding it difficult to attack Imperial Citizens in Company Territory, the anti-UTC forces began attacking Dawn Brigade and Night's Watch groups in the South and random players in the North, using these to provoke and taunt the Company. This did not work and the Company's response was apathetic and even confused, but on the 19th of August, an Imperial Citizen: DesiredOne_, was killed by anti-UTC forces along with his friends in Rainytown(Paluster). On the very same day, the Company immediately mobilized to deal with the bandits.

Battle[edit | edit source]

Prelude[edit | edit source]

Company Forces doing a trade run were tipped off by the location of the bandits by an Imperial Citizen who was killed in Rainytown. Kruziikaazjun, the trade run leader, immediately counter-marched his unit North after selling some sets of iron armor and swords in Yawpton.

The scouts were hurriedly converted to Iron or Chain and the Company immediately began to re-arm itself to fight for more Northern conditions. However, after much shuffling and changing of equipment, only three Company Members were adequately armed for a fight. One person from each regiment were missing important pieces of equipment or supplies to sustain them in combat operations such as food, armor, weapons or even an inadequate amount of health potions, but they were generally more organized in their inventory load-out. In contrast, the anti-UTC bandits were all adequately geared for a fight, with their only drawbacks being that half of them were lacking in skill and many more lacking in inventory organization.

After re-arming the UTC, Kruziikaazjun marshaled the UTC along the Milky River, just South of Lorfaul Mines. While his forces were preparing to get in position for an ambush, ScarlettEbbi of the anti-UTC bandits spotted the large UTC force and was spotted back in return. A chase ensued and both sides were racing to Rainytown(Paluster) to meet for battle.

Battle for Rainytown[edit | edit source]

Before the battle, It was planned to have 2 groups, one led by Mr.Pi and followed by Silver and Cyclone, And one led by Kruziikaazjun and followed by Kongu600 and Ominous. The first contact was made in the north east corner of the town where Mr.Pi's group held ground to prevent a direct charge. Kruziikaazjun's group quickly lost formation and Ominous and Kongu were separated from Kruziikaazjun on the left flank. Upon Ominous and Kongu's flanking attack, they were met with a heavy response that forced them to retreat back to the position of Mr.Pi's group. Ominous[6] was quickly killed off due to a lack of both potions and food and was unable to sprint. Kruziikaazjun regrouped with Kongu in the north east corner of the town where the enemy flanking maneuver on the right flank of Mr.Pi's group was delayed. Seconds later, the entire enemy force was upon the main UTC force and were trading blows. A flashgrenade[7] thrown by Mr.Pi resulted in the enemy scattering and brought back the momentum and morale of the UTC force. From this, NessGuv12 split up from his team and was killed off by an effective QuART between Cyclone and Mr.Pi, though Silver was split up from their group. From the opposite end of the battlefield, Both Silver and Kongu died to enemy forces as Cyclone and Mr.Pi moved to regroup with Kruziikaazjun. On the way to regrouping, Mr.Pi encountered WowRyan who was surprise attacked and fell with ease.

At this point, The battle was turned into a 3v2 with Kruziikaazjun,Mr.Pi focusing their attacks on ___Toxic___ ending him shortly after. Kruziikaazjun was left with few potions to fight. In this time, Cyclone was diverting Cerni from supporting ___Toxic___ and after ___Toxic___ died, Mr.Pi turned to support Cyclone chasing him around Rainytown and eventually into the dungeon.

Dungeon Battle and Final Fighting[edit | edit source]

After Cerni entered the dungeon, Mr.Pi and Cyclone chased after him while Kruziikaazjun secured the ground level and acquired the equipment off fallen foes. Mr.Pi and Cyclone chased Cerni into the ice-parkour room where both Mr.Pi and Cyclone failed the first jump. Cerni quickly afterwards failed a jump knocking him into the water where he could be finished off by Cyclone and Mr.Pi. He was pushed into a corner and fired at by both Cyclone and Mr.Pi until Mr.Pi ran out of ammunition. At this point, Cyclone used his flash-grenade to blind Cerni and Mr.Pi ran into the flash-grenade and killed off Cerni.

Aftermath and Military Legacy[edit | edit source]

The UTC victory at Rainytown demoralized the anti-UTC Group to the point that Cerni conceded defeat[8]. Toxic's second army disbanded as a result, but his hostility towards the UTC remained. The 222nd South Aspermont Regiment, the 95th East Yawpton and the 93rd Virtues Regiment all earned a battle honour dubbed as PALUSTER 2016.[9]

Legion D'Honneur of Paluster 2016[edit | edit source]

  • Mr.Pi - Combat of Merit, First Class, Cross of the Empire
  • Cyclone_43 - Combat of Merit, Third Class
  • Kruziikaazjun - Silver Star, Cross of the Empire
  • Sahlgutmir - Purple Heart, Medal of Gallantry
  • _Silver - Purple Heart

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