Quick-Action Response Team, shortened as QuART, was the elite fighting force of the UTC, led by killahamsta, in its early days from 18th of September 2012 to 8th of June 2013 where it was officially disbanded following the June Reforms. QuART was predominantly an Asian group and perfected the battle-buddy system the Company formerly used to fight its battles in the South and elsewhere.

QuART participated in the defense of Company territories, performed assassination, reconnaissance and general PvP throughout the clan's early MineZ days. QuART's fighting doctrines were copied all over and the UTC began grouping players into "battle-buddies"; two compatible friends who operate best as a two-man independent team.

QuART and QuART-inspired teams could hold their own relatively well against a reasonable amount of outnumbering , but its main weaknesses were shown when one battle-buddy left and replacing battle buddies rarely worked out. The result was failure of unit interoperability and cohesion.

Both QuART and the battle-buddy system were scrapped in favor of the Regiments and Formation Fighting system developed during the June Reforms.

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