A raid, also known as depredation, is a Company military mission with a purpose of attacking and then later retreating or disengaging to safety before the enemy has a chance to respond, immediately after finishing the objective. The 111th Frostbain's Battle Honour: Knoxmoor 2016, is an example of a highly successful raid.

Raids in-game are usually for a specific military purpose, utilizing intelligence and with a specific goal in mind.

The purpose of a raid may include:

  • to demoralize, confuse, or exhaust the enemy
  • to ransack, pillage, or plunder
  • to destroy specific goods or installations of military or economic value
  • to kill specific key persons
  • to gather intelligence.

Al Hasa Raids[edit | edit source]



Members of the 234th conduct an Al Hasa Raid.

Al Hasa Raids or colloquially shortened as a Hasa Raid is a common type of raiding wherein members of the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company, armed with the common knowledge of the frequency of Al Hasa fights, invades the area and engages everyone they see to capture and acquire stuff to be used by the Company.

Al Hasa raids provide an exciting, dynamic way of producing iron armor, diamond swords, infinity bows and other valuable items.

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