Spookyfest 2016 Campaign
Part of Event Campaigns
Date: 1st-30th October, 2016
Location: Yawpton, Overgrown Tomb
Barathum Caverns
Gnome Island, Tahosa

Tactical Victory

3/5 of Sunday Pumpkins Captured

Flagofutc2014.png UTC AotR
Timmcdonald3.png 222nd Regiment
Eastyawpton.png 95th Regiment
93rdvirtues.png 93rd Regiment
111thColours.png 111th Regiment
234thRegimentColours.png 234th Regiment
Various Premiums and Bandits
Admin Zombies

Various players
1 Corps(12-18) Unknown
Very heavy

The Spookyfest 2016 Campaign was a large-scale UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company operation with the objective to acquire and capture all the Sunday US Pumpkins. The operation was a strategic failure, but a tactical success with the UTC capturing 3/5 of all the Sunday US Pumpkins, one lost to burning and the other to a very quick capture that they never even deployed to take it.

The Campaign also served as a testing and training ground for the Company's modernization program, to rectify the problems and obsolete tactics and strategic thinking that led to the Al Hasa Disaster.

The results impressed the Directory and gave them an insight on the newfound tactical capabilities of the modern squad-based fighting methods.

Background[edit | edit source]

On the 25th of September, in Shotbow tradition, MineZ Admin Lead Andrew_64_MC posted a thread detailing the scheduled list of pumpkin spawns and events.[1] The Company, at first did not care but just after the 2nd Pumpkin decided to make ad hoc preparations and organized a force to take on the third pumpkin, which was on Sunday.

Equipment and manpower was allocated, but it wasn't until after the first Sunday Pumpkin that the Directory felt a committed endeavor to be a useful testing ground for their newly modernized forces and after the first battle, set up a General Staff with Irishkaiser as Chief of Staff and GunOverdose and Mr.Pi as Staff officers.[2]

The task force was then named the Army of the Recovery whose sole objective was to capture all Sunday Pumpkins on US and then burn them all in ceremony.

Order of Battle[edit | edit source]

The Spookyfest Campaign Order of Battle is listed below. The order of battle includes units from all the Regiments of the Company available at the time.

UTC Army of the Recovery[edit | edit source]

General Staff[edit | edit source]

Field Marshal Irishkaiser

Abel Company[edit | edit source]

Field Captain Cyclone_43(5-6 Irons, 1 supply train, 1 engineer)

  • 1st Squad, 222nd & 234th Regiments(3-4 people)
  • 2nd Squad, 111th & 95th Regiments(3-4 people)

Banjo Company[edit | edit source]

Field Captain GunOverdose(6-7 men)

  • 3rd Squad, 93rd Regiment(3 people)
  • 4th Squad, 93rd Regiment(3 people)

Campaign's Battles[edit | edit source]

Battle of Yawpton - Decisive Victory[edit | edit source]

The first Sunday Pumpkin spawn was in Yawpton on top of the central tower and the Company deployed from their bases in the Midlands with a strength of a Corp, led by Irishkaiser.[3] The battle's significance was noted as the first time an engineer(Irishkaiser) was deployed, allowing the UTC to set up a base just Northwest of Yawpton. The encounter ended with a decisive UTC victory as the Company sustained no casualties in the fighting, save for a few scouts whom the Company does not traditionally count as losses due to their role as cannon fodder. Company Member _Silver, a scout, was the first to touch the Pumpkin but died and his loot was taken by a premium scooper. GunOverdose and Mr.Pi quickly killed the premium and acquired the loot while YakuzaFour took the rest from the tower. The Company executed a fighting withdrawal while being harassed from FireKnight1483 and associates.

Sometime after this battle, the Directory set up a General Staff and named the task force for capturing Sunday Pumpkins as the Army of the Recovery.

Battle of Overgrown Tomb - Pyrrhic Victory[edit | edit source]

The second Sunday Pumpkin spawned in the Westerlands at Overgrown Tomb. Company forces deployed from their bases in the Midlands again at Corp-strength, heavy miscommunication occurred between Abel and Banjo Company and both companies took so long to assemble that the pumpkin was captured. However, the admins noted that the person who captured the pumpkin cheapshotted the chest and instantly disconnected rather than logging out, thus making him undetected by zombies. The admins then noted that as soon as the person logs in, he would die because the person is on temporary blocks.

Company Forces arrived from the East side

Battle of Barathum Caverns - Draw[edit | edit source]

Battle of Gnome Archipelago - Strategic Defeat/Tactical Victory[edit | edit source]

Battle of Tahosa - Decisive Victory[edit | edit source]

Military Legacy and Results[edit | edit source]

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