Staff Have Feared Us, Prems Have Jeered Us is a UTC march written by Irishkaiser and dedicated to the 222nd South Aspermont Regiment for their third anniversary. The tune is taken from March of the Preobrazhensky Regiment.


March of the Preobrazhensky Regiment - Fife and Drums

Tune of Staff Have Feared Us, Prems Have Jeered Us.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Staff Have Feared Us, 'Prems Have Jeered Us
Staff have feared us, Prems have jeered usNot a single one has yet,

To have beat us, and defeat us

Our strong lads, they have just met!

Hear our Colours, far-famed for storyWe have always been on attack!

Victory cheers, another glory

More to add to our record track!

Hail our fathers and forefathersThey who have came right before

They who set the path for others

Weathered through the blood and gore!

Shotbow reddit and forums burningTheir defiant lies do not stand!

Irish leads, our tales we're posting

Our influence stays, though he's banned!

All the leather lads in PortsmouthCheer at the sight of the Red!

The first regiment marching South

Where many of them have been bled!

A Company life is not easy,

Boys, it should never have been said

Before us, the premiums always have fled

Stand and fight, ready to join our dead!

South Aspermont, with much gloryReady to fight for the law

Hear our history, song and story

With one voice, we shout Hurrah!

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