Task Force Chester is a UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company fighting force tasked with the removal and or recce of enemy elements within areas described as "active combat areas". Formed on the 14th of May, 2017, the Task Force is the first fighting force assembled by the UTC that allowed Regimentals to become commanders-in-chief of a Company force.

Task Force Directives[edit | edit source]

The directives of Task Force Chester were given by the Imperial Assembly[1] to direct its energy and organization towards three goals, them being:

  1. To Achieve Combat Parity and or Superiority with Dangerous Elements of Active Combat Areas
  2. To remove Objective Abel from their positions.
  3. If possible remove Objective Banjo, or learn from them as much as possible through reconnaissance by fire.

Being intentionally vague for security purposes, Objective Abel and Objective Banjo were used as the names of the enemy and their groups.

History[edit | edit source]

After the 1.9 Update, the vast majority of the old MineZ PvPers left the game and for a week, the UTC experienced a peaceful server that included the abandonment of Al Hasa.[2] A week later however, violence spiked all over MineZ and Imperial Citizens were being attacked everywhere. Even UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company War Games for the month of May were subject to an intense amount of party-crashers.[3] During that week, the Imperial Assembly discussed about raising a Company Army to deal with the aggressive elements that started popping up out of nowhere.

Some members of the Assembly rejected the notion of raising an entire Army to deal with them, citing that it would be too pretentious and overblown for the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company and that it would "dignify" the enemy too much. The Assembly also had differing priorities, with some seeing the coming conflict as an opportunity for field testing legendaries and strategies and others seeing it as a live-fire exercise rather than an actual military operation. After three days[4], the Imperial Assembly satisfied everybody by first calling it a Task Force rather than Army, the designation "Chester" was chosen by GreyWolf64 and approved by Irishkaiser. Second, it satisfied the desire to make it a learning experience as well as a live military operation by allowing regimentals to officer the group and giving them hands-on experience in running Company-structured forces.

Members from all regiments in the Company signed up soonafter the Task Force became official, but would not officially engage until all preparations were made.

The force was engaged pre-maturely ahead of its deployment schedule and scored decisive victories with an early achievement of maintaining Combat Superiority and or Parity and achieving Objective Abel.[5] The early fights involved the Task Force as being outnumbered but capable and beating off 4v1s and 3v1s and further hurting the enemy's morale when reinforcements from the Task Force began to be brought to bear slowly.

Objective Banjo, at this point identified as "Insidious" in response, also began to bring more of its clan to bear. One major battle resulted in a decisive UTC Victory and garnered the Battle Honour Midlands 2017.

General Staff of Task Force Chester[edit | edit source]

  • Fercho_, Task Force Chester Commander
    • cyclone_43, Master Sergeant
  • Irishkaiser, Quartermaster General(Logistics and Supplies)
    • GunOverdose, Weapons and Ordnance Officer

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