There They Go! is a UTC commemorative song, composed to chronicle and celebrate the events of the June Reforms - an important event in the UTC's history. The song's tune is taken from a popular Irish jig turned British march: Lilliburlero. The song was composed by Irishkaiser to mark the 2nd Anniversary of the June Reforms[1], first played in Night's Watch HQ underground during the 2nd June Reforms Trade Run.



Tune of There They Go!

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Lyrics to There They Go!
Ho, brother Regs, doth hear the decree?

There they go, finally at last!

We are to renew the UTC..!

There they go, finally at last!


Heyo heyo there they go - oh!

There they go, finally at last!

Heyo Heyo Heyo Heyo

There they go, finally at last!

Oh by the Yorty, he was a faggot

There they go, finally at last!

And Irish will cut every premium's throat

What a joy, the dark times have passed!


Now Old Hamsta is come ashore

Here he returns, finally at last!

And we shall have commissions galore

What a joy, good times from the past!


Nate and Shadow - Elemental -

Joe and Totan, Israphel too...

All are removed from their pedestal

They were useless, that is true!


Then comes the Watch, the try-hard ZOG

They couldn't stop, their pride forecasts...

Their council be ruled by an ass and a dog

They themselves have been downcast...


The Regular Boys are loyal and true

Stout hearted in battle and stout-handed too

The Regular Boys are true to the last

And faithful and peaceful when danger has passed

And Oh! they bear and proudly wear

The Colours that floated o'er many a fray

Where cannon were flashing

And sabres were clashing

The Regular Boys still carried the day..!

Lyrical Analysis[edit | edit source]

The First Stanza, referring to "brother Regs" implies that the June Reforms were heavily popular and supported among the non-premium company members. The news spreads that they were to "renew the UTC".

The refrain or chorus recalls the general attitude of the Company members after hearing news of the unwanted members being kicked, though never done in public or in any significant numbers: many quietly agreed and were in high spirits after hearing the news.

The Third Stanza is not clear as to who is being called a faggot(could be anyone of the kicked members), but it invokes the name of Yorty, a senior [?] Clan member. The lines "And Irish will cut every premium's throat" refers to his reputation of excessively disliking premiums.

The Fourth Stanza deals with the brief return of killahamsta. Commissions galore is a pun on both of his bestowing of proper officership to those deserving rather than friendship and the fact that killahamsta is an artist that takes commissions.

The Fifth Stanza speaks of who the kicked members of the June Reforms were. The are: nate911x, Lieutenant_Joe, Shadow_Elemental, Totan and israphel223.

The Sixth Stanza then tells of the Night's Watch who constantly bothered the UTC about the results of the June Reforms. The term "Try-hard ZOG(Zionist Occupied Government)" refers to the Night's Watch trying to influence not just the Company, but Shotbow in general through pulling their members to staff status. Irishkaiser then writes of the numerous internal problems plaguing the Night's Watch and their overall decline.

The Final Lines are an open thank you poem dedicated to the White Regular Members of the Company and to the White Regular Players of MineZ, praising and crediting them with the survival of the Company during the June Reforms.

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