The World according to The UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company

The UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company is a small and organized merchant group in MineZ, known primarily for the acquisition and selling of Northern goods such as but not limited to: enchanted swords, enchanted bows and higher-tiered armor to low-tiered or newly respawned players in Southern towns at low prices. It is sometimes seen as the "easy" way out by customers due to their very low prices such as one hoe or four Health Potions for an undamaged Chain armor set - however, the Company maintains a policy of only selling grenades and iron armor to players of sound reputation.

As the only clan of its kind, The UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company enjoys a virtual monopoly in all areas of interest(e.g. Portsmouth, Pravus, Grimdale), of course the "trade caravans" the Company operates and owns are guarded with full iron traders usually numbering up to three(numbers vary depending on server population) and may sometimes hire "mercenaries" along the way for protection.

Company Policy

The UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company policies are as follows:


The Company shall not intervene in socio-political matters it is not concerned with. We are not a security service as we will not willingly fight players or even zombies until they become our issue to handle.


The Company shall provide free medical services as the only service of no cost, but may refuse depending on the disposition.


The Company shall provide its members with full iron armor sets and the best weapons within its inventory - all members at must acquire full iron armor shortly after their deaths and will be provided so with Company inventory and support from members.


The Company's members should be soldiers, doctors and traders. Every member must be ready to fill in a role when asked for by the Company.

Regiment Composition and Colours

The Company is composed of sub-groups who work closely together as separate teams yet united by their service and loyalty to the Company as a whole. These "regiments" form the backbone of the Company's structure and each take pride in their unique history, esprit de corp and specialty. It is noted that some prefer to go solo than be under one regiment, however. The Regiments are formed when one member of the Company takes the initiative to lead and creates a closer-knit group of friends that either exist in the Company or are not yet Company members; it is not uncommon to see non-company members in Regiments.

Full Name Colours Nicknames Functions Motto
1st Westerlands 1stWesterlandsColours.png The Old Guard Administrative, Logistics, Looting Detail Valeur et Discipline
93rd Virtues 93rdvirtues.png The Dungeoneers Legendary Weapons and Giants Into the Darkness we go!
501st Al Hasa N/A African Warlords Militia N/A

The older half of the Regiments maintain Roman numerals "XI" in their colours, to commemorate their original homeserver; US11

History, 2012

During the first week of September 2012 - the [?] Clan, the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company's motherclan, was introduced to MineZ. Having two players already established in MineZ, the [?] players consolidated within 3 days with a starting strength of 6 (1 Officer, 1 Kwustomaizer, 3 Enlisted and 1 Academy member). The [?] Regiment that was deployed was designated as the 222nd Gaming Battalion by the Company's motherclan, nicknamed as "Banjo Company" which would later form the elite core of the company's army.

After the 222nd was facilitated into the game by the second week of October - an issue was raised as to how the [?] Clan was to manifest itself in MineZ. The site of the brief discussion was held on the bend in the desert road between Grimdale and Portsmouth and where Irishkaiser's nominal authority as the highest ranking officer within the group decided to do something different from an array of "bandits" and "healers" and "survivors" clans, the 222nd chose to become a merchant group. Subsequently chartering it as the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company, the Company recruited its members and its first co-leader during their trade runs to the South.

The Company gained in popularity on the US11 server - though initially skeptical and suspecting of bandit traps, the US11 regulars eventually accepted the Company and recognized them as a trusted group, in part due to Irishkaiser's public relations effort on expanding their social networks and his anti-bandit stance. At the close of October, the Company gained a total of 15 members and was still brimming with energy.

At the start of November, the Company redirected and re-organized its efforts to garner the attention of then largest clan in the community: The Night's Watch. Multiple large trade runs were conducted on the the Night's Watch's supposed homeserver: US6. The attempt did not get noticed and Irishkaiser publicly declared the Company's friendship to The Night's Watch with a reddit post.[1]The provisions of the declaration of friendship included the members of the Watch to be able to acquire needed items free of charge:

"... Such, what you stand for is of immeasurable value to us and we want you to know that you're not alone and we appreciate every Ranger, every Maester and every man who took the Black seriously. The Company, from hereon will provide all Crows we encounter with weapons, armor and other materials FREE OF CHARGE."

-Spywin (Irishkaiser)

Soonafter, the Night's Watch accepted the declaration of Friendship, mentioning the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company in their 4th monthsary announcement and providing their terms of agreement[2]for protection and cementing their relationship to mutual understanding and benefit. By the end of November, the Company re-organized and centralized its hierarchy (removing the position of Atlantic Team Leader) while it grew to about over 20 members and is planning to expand its product range by the 15th of December.

History, 2013

The opening months of 2013 were difficult times for the Company and its primary market, the public South. Rumors of a large scale nerf update worried the Company's leaders. Fearful of the return of the bandit clans that were once isolated in Al Hasa, the Company projected that raised prices of the once cheaper 2 potions per chain set to 4 potions per chain set would have to compensate for the cost of operating in-game in an increasingly dangerous environment and upped the standardized minimum of a caravan's manpower from 3 persons to 4. With relations to the admin staff already strained by the Cassmich Controversy[3], the leaders of the Company(whose views do not represent the Company as a whole) began to view the administration as negligent, biased and controlled by upper-classed(premium) fools.

On the 25th of January, 2013 - admin user Mr_Darn posted the Al Hasa update[4] that would damage MineZ and end the Company's Golden Age which was only to be recovered many weeks later. 

"... So this is how Public dies, with a thunder of applause..." -Irishkaiser comments on the changes

Enraged by the staff's blatant disregard for its major playerbases, the Company's leaders began spreading its redress of grievances and directing blame on the premium reddit community on r/MineZ but went largely ignored. Without proper representation, the leadership of the Company became more radical and fueled in their hatred of the elite community. Only when an influential user McNiiby posted on the reddit[5] speaking out against the changes did the movement for amending the damages gained traction but they were slow to implement and rather hollow as a response. 

Further changes such as the demilitarization of Crowmure did not do anything to improve the views of the Company's leaders on the staff and most of the original Company members left the game due to the negative impacts of the changes, to make things ironic - the Company's member base was shifting towards Premium, to fill in the void created by players who left, they began recruiting from the ranks they blamed for MineZ's problems. Educational efforts to remind them of their public heritage met with some success and even though they stopped talking on the eyechat like the members before, they at least weren't blatantly elitist and or aristocratic.

When the changes finally stopped and giving everyone a breather to adapt with the rollout of the buffs, the flux stabilized and the Company normalized its relations with the admins but the Old Guard remained cold towards whom they branded as "criminals" to the public.

Once re-normalization of relationships were implemented - attention turned to the membership the Company acquired during the turbulent months to fill the need for protectors to its trade missions. At first they were considered tolerable and they fought alongside and as part of the Company during the Al Hasa updates - but the trade runs soonafter were plagued with undisciplined chatter and provocations between members. The Company, distracted by the re-opening of the European establishment led by ElectroCake further continued to ignore the premium members causing discord. 

Once the European team was settled after a disastrous stream by the Minefanatics, the Directory took note that it didn't function to its fullest in recent weeks and profits were constantly lower than those achieved before the Al Hasa updates. Initially, it was blamed on the updates themselves but even raising the prices for it didn't exactly fix the numbers, the Directory realized that it was the members that was the problem - constantly eating up from Company stores whilst barely even paying back with their work or material.

The Company could not support that many people and a follow-up realization that maybe "it's our membership that's the problem" echoed in the Directory meetings. On the 8th of June, the Company announced reorganizing and adapting to post-Hasa updates with the June Reforms[6], cutting off a large number of premium "invalids" and rebalancing the membership to increase non-premium members and re-commissioning old company accounts.

The Company finding the Watch to be complacent and lazy to meet up to the agreement, refused to renew the treaty and continued its isolationist course in MineZ's community - finding friendship and companionship within its newfound homeserver of US10.

The following months after the June Reforms were implemented, the Company experienced one of the biggest booms in its history, experiencing a Renaissance with mass produced Diamond Swords rivaling chain armor as a flagship product. Returning its attention on more traditional values of Homeserver, Friends and Duty - the Company started integrating on US10, eventually called Tenland and participated in the crowning of the server's king: 'SkimboardMonkey'. The organization refused further interaction with the Premium MineZ Reddit Elite - going so far as to ignore messages from random premiums completely.

The Regimental system was implemented, which further defined and expanded on the once vague structure of the retired Company GOs(group officers) who were seen as redundant to the central Directory group and ineffective authority figures, though it is still worth noting that although Directory members are still 222nd, indicating authority is still concentrated with the 'Old Guard', more initiative is expected on other Regimental leaders who are now widely viewed as autonomous and distinct. The most interesting Regiment to note is the 29th Whitehaven, an all-premium Regiment, originally created to separate the premiums from the regular players and the primary source of diamond sword production.

The steady growth of the Company led to designing a need to sustain that growth. The first and foremost issue was the defense of that growth and allowing a continuance of tactical, strategic and meta victories to not only protect the Company but to also boost its morale and create an atmosphere of confidence to encourage initiative against impossible odds and to reach high ambitions. A first wave PvP modernization program took place, standardizing equipment and procedures, creating a universal redundant communication network with RaidCall and Skype, replacing the old battle-buddy system with a more formation-based organization and defining command structure in emergency situations - the implementation was mostly a success. However, one article - the need for a bootcamp server did not make it - making training very experienced based.

Though a rough start, the Company ended with a strong finish in the year 2013.

History, 2014

The UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company reached Geuten, the last Eastern spawn town on the 31st of August, 2014.

The stronger finish of last year is met with a stronger start of the year 2014. Morale, productivity and discipline were at an all time high - surpassing the Old Golden Age and prolonging the era of the Second Renaissance. Profits from trade runs not only matched the Old Golden Age, but actually SURPASSED them on average. The Company's homeserver, US10 however was always dogged by their enemies, the Eternal Premium - sapping the population and removing newer players and therefore newer blood from entering the game. The Company felt this effect and could do nothing to stop what the Directory called "Stupid  Saturdays" - a weekly premium-majority event where they lock everyone out of the server and made it extremely difficult for newer players.

A lot of people who couldn't meet up every Saturday at certain times left and the population of MineZ declined because of this. Angered once again that their old enemies return to haunt them some more - the Company ramped up premium discrimination but the same time opened awareness as to what they were doing. A few skirmishes on the forum(primarily by Irishkaiser), resulted in multiple threads being locked when bringing up what the Company saw as the truth that nobody dared to speak about.

"... The premium is a deceiver, a selfish creature who likes to listen to no one but himself, and when you finally catch him admitting his wrongdoings, he will simply say you're a bully and call his admin friends to silence you and declare himself the winner. Now let me play CSGO..." -Vergath comments on the Company's perception of Premiums in debates

Over time however, the general populace began accepting Irishkaiser's views and at the very least from his opponents, admit that there was some truth to what he was saying. More people began to denounce certain premium perks and openly called for their removal. Eventually, the game was changed some more to suit the needs and the complaints with a grapple nerf and general shame culture.

Matching the slow but steady success of the foreign front, the homefront was met with more faster success, coupled with finally reaching and selling at the last Eastern spawn town Geuten. At first, an issue of aging members with a huge manpower gap due to the Suicide Saturdays had left the Company with a very low potential membership pool from the Regulars of US10, recreating the same problem they had with the Premium-Regular player balance before the June Reforms. In response to this, a single recruitment poster was set up and within a week,the Company's white Regular membership increased and had achieved healthy balance once again - though the Directory admits that this issue will always haunt the Company so as long as it's operational.

Faced with an increased amount of inexperienced new members, the Directory has advocated a second wave PvP modernization program to put them to use - one that'll be able to mass-produce players and hopefully be able to support 30-50+ members in a single clan. However, this was not to be as it was soon hard to maintain large proportions of members with MineZ's decreasing popularity simply dried up the pool of manpower. The Company however continued to grow while most other clans simply struggled and stagnated. By December, they still felt confident enough post an ad for the Experimental Corps of Volunteers.

At year's end with nothing but growth at its feet, the year 2014 was described as an Annus Mirabilis or "Miraculous Year", in spite of a depression in Shotbow in general.

The UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company's adopted flag to represent the Company-in-General. The Latin reads as "Nothing can harm us"

History, 2015

At the beginning of 2015 with the release of MineZ's sequel, the 93rd Regiment has gained more prominence and has dominated the Company's affairs in the new game. Experiencing in a short amount of time - the history of 2012 and 2013 - the Regiment of Virtues has expanded and downsized within weeks of each major event. The 222nd and the 95th, who are still leading MineZ Classic, has not experienced anything new by contrast. On the 1st of March however, all three regiments and a new one have acquired a new Battle Honour dubbed Sahlgutmir's March, a first time in the Company's history that all the active Regiments were given the same accolade. The new Regiment was originally the Experimental Corps of Volunteers but after their participation and performance on Sahlgutmir's March, the group was granted the right to become a Regiment with all its privileges, prestige and responsibilities as the 55th Regiment of Whitehaven.

The opening of 2015 also saw Shotbow finally agreeing and seeing with the Company's views and even adopted a newspaper called the Weekly Arrow after realizing that a video per week was unfeasible and required too much effort. This bulletin method, which was originally pioneered in the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company's Empire newspaper, connected the Shotbow audience more with the Shotbow administration and helped close the gap between those in Reddit and those on the Forum. An increase of dedicated admins that Irishkaiser spoke of the need for over a year ago was also implemented, ironically, the so called spokesman was banned on his main account after being caught "sexually-assaulting" people in the South, which to this day he denies is not assault or is inherently wrong. Irishkaiser however said he deserved it since he let his guard down and accepted having security against cheaters for the cost of a little bit of liberty at certain times of the day.

The leaving of Camisadoluvr because of Irishkaiser, and the appointment of guy762 as Regimental Captain weakened the 95th Regiment throughout, until the appointment of Minecraftepic47 only later in the year.

By mid-2015, the Company was practically the only clan alive and active in MineZ. During this period, many official "clans" went into a depression and many disbanded in favor of a more loose system of just friends playing together. Some clan members from the depressed clans were searching for activity by joining the UTC, most particular of whom was boogaert who joined the Company, due to the Night's Watch's inactivity, and was subsequently kicked out of the Night's Watch. Boogaert was also kicked from the staff for joining UTC as well. The built-up jealousy of the Night's Watch and attempts to assassinate his character culminated in an event called Boogaert's Revenge which ended with an increase in prestige for the UTC and the birth of new clans and organizations to oppose the admin-controlled clan(s).

UTC Empire 15AO by Irishkaiser. The concept and idea of a UTC "Empire" was widespread by mid-2015.

The 93rd Regiment at this time became the largest regiment in the Company and steadily supplied and recommended the Company's Legendary Arsenal. The expansion of the 93rd also expanded the Company's size with the incorporation of Lost Woods Shrine and Frostbain as Company territories. At the end of the year, all four Regiments won a Battle Honour in Portsmouth against the Sgt Squad that boosted the UTC's prestige and morale, especially with the reintroduction of the Orders of Merit. RaidCall was also decommissioned in favor of Discord.

The Directory began calling the prosperous period of 2014-2015 as the "era of Good Feelings", colloquially referring the entire Company, its influence and territories as an "Empire".

History, 2016

The UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company began the year 2016 with an increasingly strained infrastructure that eventually broke following a scandal with the 93rd that affected some other regiments of the Company. Particularly, former 93rd Regimental princessdreya and her increasing promiscuity within the Shotbow community. With GunOverdose away for educational ambitions, GreyWolf64 of the 93rd invited Irishkaiser and ObliviousBob to enforce discipline in the 93rd's chat, but only managed to drive their activities underground away from the eyes of the commissars. During this time, a Company Member whose name is withheld from history out of respect for their reputation, began dating princessdreya in real life but the relationship was one-sided and marked with infidelity from princessdreya.

When the scandal broke out, it somehow began to affect the Company as a whole and forced many members to reshuffle and re-organize and thus hearing news from the 93rd affected the morale in the other regiments. The scandal had a profound impact in the 93rd and the other regiments felt that they also shared the shame with the exception of the 95th that was largely away from it. The morale of the Dungoneers was shaken and the reshuffling and re-organizing following lack of in-game activity prompted Irishkaiser to declare their golden age over[1], but GunOverdose returned from his robotics and brought back discipline and re-invigorated his regiment.

Minecraftepic47 at this time was relieved of leading the 95th for his estrangement but begged to create a new regiment, called the 111th Regiment of Frostbain to pour all of the UTC's bad eggs and put them to use fighting off the Company's enemies. Minecraftepic47 was then later kicked anyway but the regiment he made won the UTC's first battle honour in the Gravelands: Knoxmoor 2016

The Company at this time was suddenly pulled into a conflict in the Northern Midlands following a betrayal of good faith by people who treated with the UTC. Reeling from the loss of a Golden Age and at the same time, preparing and planning for the June Reforms 2016 celebration, the Company was strained further and was advised to just let this go. However, not wanting to back down against the insult and demonstrate a show of strength, Irishkaiser immediately ordered an invasion and occupation of the region even though many UTC members were already occupied with other duties. The fighting took people's minds and focus off the shame and united and re-invigorated the Company with patriotism, especially since it coincided with an important holiday in the UTC's calendar, with a common goal of defending their honor. The conflict was a success and added scores of new territories to the UTC's dominion and the UTC finally regained control of Rainytown(Paluster)[2] after 3 years of being separated from the company's authority. The Company at this point also began to realize the new opportunities awaiting from their expansion to the East and the UTC began to be more open to the proposition of alliances.[3]

During the conflict, the UTC managed to bring South two giants to Romero and celebrated the June Reforms in the Night's Watch HQ which was considered a great achievement for the self-styled "Heirs of Rome".

The series of victories, achievements and new territories and new members that joined the Company began to embolden the UTC but one disastrous event known as the Al Hasa Disaster brought the UTC back to reality. Another raid on Al Hasa, which was increasingly frequent was met with the largest one yet. The seven-man raid on Al Hasa, was defeated completely by three premiums. The defeat sent shockwaves to the UTC who realized that they still weren't prepared to go and fight the premiums in their home territory without sufficient intelligence, training and preparation. The Company enacted a third wave modernization program and began training the new members on PvP, tactics, ethics and military science in general.

While modernizing and updating its obsolete Formation Fighting and Command Structure, a group of bandits aptly named the West Bandit Clan and led by user ___Toxic___, perceived weakness in the UTC and declared war.[4] The 26-day war, which was later called the Icaruis War initially saw early UTC losses, followed by a stalemate, but the Company counter-attacked and defeated the West Bandit Clan in the latter half of the fighting. The aftermath of the war was followed with sporadic anti-UTC uprisings from the remnants of the West Bandit Clan, who now renamed themselves as the anti-UTC. User Cernii and his group joined the remnants of the WBC and reignited the conflict on the 17th of August 2016 with his own declaration of war called "Operation White out.[5] Within two days, the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company engaged and defeated them in key battles in Frostbain and Rainytown, of which the latter was given a Battle Honour. By the 19th of August, the Company successfully quelled all anti-UTC groups in its territories and gained much more experience and insight in fighting premiums, and adopted the Flash Grenade as a standard weapon.

The Icaruis Wars placed the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company in the spotlight of the Shotbow Community and generated a storm of comments and opinions, but this did not matter to the Directory who wanted to prove to the world, that the UTC learned from the Al Hasa Disaster. Under the initiative of cyclone_43, a new regiment, the 234th Regiment of Whitehaven, was raised to provide trained manpower to be called upon by the Company at a moment's notice was an innovation of the modernization initiatives as it provided standardized training in a MineZ Clan. The opportunity to wipe the shame of Al Hasa came during September where the Shotbow staff announced a month-long objective based event known as Spookyfest 2016.[6]

Pleased by these developments, the Directory quietly assembled and trained a force to tackle the campaign, known as the Army of the Recovery to fight in the Spookyfest 2016 Campaign. The Campaign was met with much success, as members of the Army captured nearly all of the Sunday Pumpkins and members earned the Battle Honours Gnome Archipelago and Tahosa.

Subversive elements of the 93rd Regiment of Virtues, specifically derussiander, a platinum, refused to give the pumpkin captured by members of the Army of the Recovery and kept it for selfish reasons. For his actions, the 93rd Regiment was denied the Honours of Tahosa, Gnome Archipelago and Spookyfest.

The Army however went on to celebrate and were later betrayed by more of its premium members in an attack known as Aspermont Harbor, beginning the Alt War. The attack drove anti-premium sentiments high once again and the UTC swore vengeance. The war, mainly fought over the targeting of alts, the extensive use of alts, spying and the meta-game with only sporadic actual in-game fighting, the events saw the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company and its Coalition allies gain the upperhand one day after the attack. The Company later captured an alt full of enchanted gold armor, which the enemy tried to take back with no success. The Alt War opened up the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company to the MineZ Community as it established attaches, networks and spies in almost all the clans and groups in Shotbow.

The war also managed to "enslave" members of the betrayers and the UTC uses them to their benefit, with some Company Members upset over the abject cruelty of "enslaving" them without their consent. The year's end saw a string of victories that destroyed the enemy's morale, particularly some members who got tired of constantly fighting the UTC. The UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company refused to end hostilities regardless.

History, 2017

The Alt War dragged on into the first quarter of 2017, with repeating UTC victories in the field and in the meta. Pittacus' Gang(or as they call themselves, Apotheosis Renegades) by February started to be reduced in power and prestige. To help counter the overwhelming UTC superiority, Pittacus' Gang planned to officially merge with a bandit-type clan called Corsair by the time Origins would be released. Even before their scheduled merge, Pittacus' Gang members became dual members in Corsair, but the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company considered this a blessing, particularly Irishkaiser, who was ecstatic that the Company had connections and a built up spy network in Corsair long before the war even began.

During this time, many of Pittacus' Gang members became bored or tired of MineZ, especially with the UTC's way of waging war, which was mentally taxing and made the game more work than fun. In the UTC, Irishkaiser pursued Pittacus with a deep sadistic vengeance that many in the Company's Army of Observation, the principle army in the Alt War, began to question the purpose of the war whether it was for the Company or Irishkaiser's personal ego - some accusing Irishkaiser of just being a crazy, vengeful ex, citing his past relationship with the enemy as proof. Irishkaiser denied these allegations, but admitted that he was ruthless for personal reasons, but he carried on for clan reasons. In the end, Irishkaiser convinced them to carry on, with one final operation and refrained from pushing his men too hard.

Corsair, being bandits, thought fighting the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company would be fun, especially since the traditional fights in Al Hasa were declining as local superiority of dupers and cheaters made the power balance rigid.

Corsair planned to ambush and fight an UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company caravan, but the UTC heard of this and made preparations. The caravan of a trade run, led by Irishkaiser planned and conducted a battle that resulted in defeat for Corsair and showed how it wasn't "fun" to fight the UTC. Corsair after that, began to decline and quit MineZ. The regiments who participated in that battle was given an honour called Grimdale 2017.

With Corsair's defeat and distaste for UTC's style of fighting, Pittacus' Gang no longer had any major support to continue. The war dragged on in March with Pittacus admitting it wasn't fun to fight the UTC, but refused to admit surrender, only because of Irishkaiser. Irishkaiser eventually unleashed his trump card, with a defector by the name of Greg1181, who publicly came to the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company's side who repeatedly accused Pittacus of admitting defeat, cheating and lying to everyone regardless. Pittacus, driven mad by this defection, later consistently attempted multiple damage control spam and began to torment UnknownTradeCo subreddit with asinine "shitposting", always calling out and accusing Irishkaiser of concocting stories but these were generally a non-problem with moderators periodically cleaning up the subreddit when the posts have gone too far.

Irishkaiser later retired

By May, Shotbow had updated to 1.9 which


The SPECACT Assault from Bad Company 2. The UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company's inspiration for their uniforms.

The UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company is composed of both bandits and anti-bandits but defines its alignment as true neutral - as such, they do not support the banditing activity of its individual members and they may be killed without repercussion from the organization. Members of the Company can sometimes be found banditing alone or in groups of other people that usually aren't Company members. Forgoing applications and advertisements, the recruitment policy is both regimental and friendship-based and players cannot join without being first acquainted with a regiment or a Company member. Currently, the Company bans further Shotbow Staff with in-game powers from joining as well.

In the past, Acquisition of the VoIP RaidCall[7] seemed to be the only de-facto requirement for membership, but the program was superseded by Discord in late 2015

The current head of the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company is Irishkaiser. Hierarchy in caput absentia relies on mutual respect, therefore the organizational structure is relatively loose and very liberal.

For security reasons, the Company does not deliberately disclose its membership and member verification is based on user consent but a presumed count of over 25 members is declared.

Unlike most clans, the trading company used to maintain an olive-drab uniform for Identify Friend or Foe(IFF) reasons. However, ease of duping has stopped its usage, although the original members maintain their skins for historical purposes.


  • Reinger is a pun on the word "Ranger" and the mod "Rei's Minimap".
  • Irishkaiser commonly says "F***in' A!", this is not an insult, but a compliment.
  • Irishkaiser also says something, then goes ; "It's a free country!", when someone disagrees.
  • Irishkaiser commonly refers to ElectroCake as Marine Sergeant, because she's usually yelling at him because she's quite bossy to him.
  • Electrocake is only bossy to Irishkaiser, because he usually lags behind.
  • ElectroCake loves cats. She hates spiders. Spiders are mean and scary. ;-;
  • Most of the company have taken over the "Hindquarters" fetish that Irishkaiser has, and now he's being trolled with it.

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