A Wiki about one of Shotbow's most historic MineZ clans.

Welcome to the UTCpedia[edit | edit source]

A Wiki about one of Shotbow Network's most historic and influential clans in MineZ. Hover over the "Wiki Content" section to find a multitude of different pages.

About UTCpedia[edit | edit source]

The UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company or UTC has boasted itself as the most organized and effective force in MineZ and possibly even all of Shotbow. The Company has a long and proud history and has been a part of the Shotbow Community as it has developed, even having a hand in influencing its course. Plenty of clans have attempted to copy the UTC's methods for themselves. Shotbow's Weekly Arrow changelog and news sections are taken from the admin-backed Night's Watch's Crow which was inspired by the Empire Company Newspaper.

The UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company has also offered an alternative playstyle, hope and social advancement without the need for premium which most other Shotbow communities and sub-communities seem to end up with. Its unique philosophy, beliefs and proud heritage has landed it a place as a legendary clan. This Wikia was made at the inevitability of the deletion of our Archive on minezwiki.net but opens the possibility of expanding and documenting this dynamic clan.


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